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Written by  :  Will Ford (6)
Written on  :  Mar 10, 2018
Platform  :  TurboGrafx-16
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Sokoban made fun.

The Good

Unique gameplay, strikes a nice balance between real time action and strategic puzzling. At it's core matching one colour to another is as basic as it gets but the blend between the two genres, in addition to the great mechanic which allows you to destroy the level surrounding you gives a lot of control to the player and lets them approach puzzles how they wish.

The Bad

Visually it fits under the "throw all the colour" category, and while it does make it somewhat pleasing to look at, the finer details and general theme feel either missing or buried under a rainbow.

Also, while the game has 50 levels in total, around half of those just feel like slight variations on the ones that preceded them.

The Bottom Line

If you dislike puzzle games because they're slow and boring, give this a shot. It genuinely surprised me how much I enjoyed it, if only down to the genre mashing. Sokoban would be the closest comparison I could make, but again the level of control and unique scenarios you can get put in greatly eclipses what's possible in the former.