Splatterhouse Screenshots (TurboGrafx-16)

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TurboGrafx-16 version

Title screen
Setup shot of the spooky old mansion
Stage 1; the hero is eyeing that stick on the ground
Batter up
The dungeon is getting crowded
Spikes from the ground
The level 1 boss-- a bunch of deadly leeches
first boss
Stage card
Stage 2-- watch out for the deadly vomit
Sewer monsters
Stage 2 boss-- a haunted room
Stage 3 introduces the shotgun and the demon dogs
Watch out for the mobile holes on the bridge
Stage 3 boss, quite the menacing figure
Stage 4, with copious spears to be thrown at ghouls
Going low to take on this monstrosity
The only reason a 2D game has mirrors is to fight a reflection
The hero fights his reflection many times
Stage 4 boss-- a series of severed heads revolving around an upside-down cross
The sun seems to rise after defeating the revolving heads, but the game is not over yet
Stage 5 starts off in a library
More malicious reflections, though this time there is a reason for all the mirrors since the room is a giant closet
Stage 5 has this interesting room where the wizard ghost can resurrect the zombies that the hero puts down
The monsters attend to the hero's apparent girlfriend
The girlfriend rises and turns into this boss monster
Starting out in level 6-- these bubbles hatch into parasitical monsters