The Tower of Druaga Screenshots (TurboGrafx-16)

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TurboGrafx-16 version

Title Screen.
Password screen.
So the story begins...
Here's your princess, Ki.
The Blue Crystal Rod.
And more story.
A little more story (if I could only read Japanese)...
Ok, this is taking too long...
Oh, the evil Druaga!
Here's our princess, Ki.
And here's our hero, Gilgamesh.
Gilgamesh takes his golden armor, sword and shield.
Behold the Tower of Druaga.
Here goes Gilgamesh, into the tower.
Starting Floor 1.
You have to get the key so you can open the floor's door.
Your first enemy will be this green slime.
Inventory screen.
Here's the key to the first floor.
You've finished the first floor and found a treasure.
Completing a stage will grant you one point to spend in your character. You can improve his abilities, such as speed, health, etc. If you find treasures, they will grant you instant upgrades.
Floor 2 starting...
At Floor 2 you'll have to fight those black slimes, which are faster than the green ones.
You've finished the floor, but without finding treasures.
At Floor 3, other knights show up.
You'll find a wizard at Floor 4, who throws lightning bolts at you.
At floor 5 you'll find... Chewbacca?
Floor 6, tougher knights and bats show up.
You're dead.