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Turbo Out Run Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
The course map
The start of the race
Racing through New York...
Watch out for traffic!
The cops are running me off the road!
The high score screen

Amstrad CPC version

Loading Screen
Game credits
Selecting transmission
Our race through the USA starts in New York
The turbo in action
Arriving to Washington
Pittsburgh looks snowy in this season
Watch those arks!
Indianapolis looks fiery red
The shop. You must purchase only one item each time
Sweet home, Chicago
St. Louis

Arcade version

Insert Coin.
The map of the race.
Select Transmission.
Ready to race.
Competing with the Porshe.
Keep going.
A bend approaching.
Caught in a storm.
Storm has cleared.
Passing your rival.
The polic eare chasing me.
Bit flooded.
Snow Storm.
Using Turbo Boost.
Catching the Porshe.
Nice sunset.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Manual or automatic? The pit crew will make the necessary adjustment
Are you ready?
Blast off with turbo-boost!
Tumbling violently out of control after contacting another object on the road
And that was it for this joyride.
High score table

Commodore 64 version

Intro screen.
Title screen. The music here is a technical marvel.
The course map.
17 seconds left for reaching the next checkpoint and I have hit a tree.
Stage 3 has very local snowstorms.
Get ready for a new round.
Upgrade your car.
Turbo boost! Put your pedal to the metal.
A new highscore is achieved.
Choose manual or automatic transmission.
Your girlfriend isn't happy with you!

DOS version

Title (1 of 2)
Title (2 of 2)
Your cross-country journey
The starting line -- and your opponent
Racing through New York
You've lost the heat
On to Washington D.C.
Upgrading the car
Your girlfriend leaves you for the other guy!
Racing through Washington D.C.
Didn't get very far...
Finished All Sprints
Splash Screen (EGA)
Title Screen (EGA)
Map (EGA)
Game Start (EGA)
Auto Parts (EGA)
High Scores (EGA)
Splash Screen (CGA)
Title Screen (CGA)
Map (CGA)
Game Start (CGA)
Washington D.C. (CGA)
Auto Parts (CGA)
High Scores (CGA)

FM Towns version

Title screen
Main menu
The music in this FM Towns version is awesome
Course Map
Selecting transmission type
Getting ready for the start in New York
Washington has flood problems
Chillin' in Pittsburgh
Enjoying the nice view in Indianapolis
Stage up! Unlike the arcade original no music band on the left side here though
Tune up time
You can't quit me baby! Not in Chicago, not to that smug guy in the silver Porsche
When I was drivin' in Memphis... didn't see the ghost of Elvis though
New Orleans
Game Over atho, San Antonio
Best OutRunners

Genesis version

Title screen
Start of the race; there is one opponent that will bug you the entire time.
Course map
The meter in the top right corner builds up a boost.
Sunset in Indianapolis
After a few courses, you get the chance to upgrade some parts.
Start of the Chicago course at night
If you don't use your boost regularly, the cop car will drive you nuts.
Highscores screen

ZX Spectrum version

Manual/Auto transmission
Tape management
Game start
Catching other cars
Out of time before check point - continue? yes
Flipped the car
Reset back on road
High Scores