Alnam no Kiba: Jūzoku Jūnishinto Densetsu Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

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TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Home village... very peaceful... for a moment
Heroes in a forest dungeon
Random battle
Character information
The game has some imagery which is a bit disgusting...
...and very gory
Kenbu in his room
On the world map
Every town has this weird white thing
Check out the cute cash register :)
Battle in progress
Let me in, guys!
Anime-style portraits. Typical Turbo CD
Cool city design :)
I just want to stay and live here. Who needs those long RPGs?..
Visiting a palace
The heroes are assembled
Those guys look like they failed an audition for the role of the last Chinese emperor
What is a Turbo CD game without pretty girls? I'll say that again: an impossibility! :-)
Executing a unite attack. Go heroes!
People leave their laundry outside. Just like in Shanghai
What? Not even a separate screen?