Bakushō: Yoshimoto no Shinkigeki Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

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TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Short intro
The game begins with the first protagonist being beaten up
Enemies don't die in the game. They just stop moving
You drank all the water from the river. Now you can spit it out. The game is full of situations like this
The short dialogues are mostly invitations and explanations of mini-games
Synchronized dancing mini-game. Press the arrow buttons in time
The evil Japanese suburbia comes at you... :)
Even the police chases you :)
I literally go over heads
The protagonists constantly find themselves in cartoony, violent and humiliating situations
Riding an amusement park car
Pizza-throwing mini-game
Game Over screen... opposed to Level Clear screen!
The second protagonist begins in a forest
Bitten by a dog
Classic: bats and platforms over lava
Mini-game: quickly cut down as many bamboos as possible!
Escaping from a rolling boulder
Suddenly the weather changes. Here you have to avoid the falling tree and lightning strikes
Mini-game: balloon fighting!
Ancient Japan. Crazy ninjas and alike
Secret areas can be accessed sometimes
Somebody threw me right at the wall
I wear a "disguise" :)
Care for some tea?.. No, actually it's another mini-game
It's like "whack-a-rat" in Sam and Max, just with girls and evil doctors instead of rats...
Attacked by a bird
Rolling over buffaloes :)
Without any explanation, I'm sent to outer space
Old West town. Again, I find a "fitting" disguise
Rodeo mini-game!
Naturally, the bridge is destroyed the moment I step on it
Shoot those guys before they kill you
Suddenly it's winter...