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Blood Gear Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

User Screenshots

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Intro: robots...
...and people
The two scientists
Aref takes on Imperial robots early in the game
Powered Gear information. The same screen is shown when you upgrade your robot in a factory
Ouch... this is how the screen looks like when your robot is killed
I said your hair looks like a broom, and I won't take it back!!..
Aref receives the device
Hangar. This is the place you arrive to when you enter a town
World map. You can only "jump" from place to place there, not move physically
Ahh, such a nice weather... what's better than beating up some low-level green robots?..
Town exploration
Factory. Here you repair and upgrade your gear
Yeah, yeah, I know you're happy to see me, but don't jump at me like this. I have weak nerves. See, I already killed you
What a battle! Several robots attack me from all sides - shooting, melee, you name it...
Meeting Mei. You get a quest from her, and then, naturally, you'll have to save her too...
Gee, guys, thanks, but I don't need bodyguards. So you wouldn't mind if I just... you know... hacked you to pieces?
You think you're so big so you're better than me? Tell me the truth!..
New characters are introduced to the story
This town is in ruins...
Bosses like to talk trash, as always. Again this guy with the awful hair... Oh, come on! Get a haircut first
Another boss battle, in a complex underground cave system. This guy is quick, but can be defeated!..
It was a beautiful night... The moon was shining... I noticed I only had 26 bucks, and realized I needed a better job
You know, this sword used to belong to my grandmother. She could fight better than you!..
Why do I have the feeling I'm not welcome here?
Yay! After you get the jetpack, you can... well... use it to access higher areas. What did you think?..
Speaking of hair fashion... Man, this is so 70-ies
Using infra-red light device, you can illuminate this otherwise completely dark area
Didn't anyone tell you that red and green don't fit?
Aref is carrying the unconscious Mei through a port city
In a nicely-looking palace, Aref takes on a female boss in a pink robot. Looks like Sakura Taisen to me.
Not all the cities have a futuristic look. Here is a mysterious dwelling of ancient ghosts
This guy looks like he didn't make it to the latest edition of Complete Guide to Hindu Mythology
Yup, it was snowing, and I was hacking away at a... vacuum cleaner?..
In this level, you must avoid the moving ray
To solve this maze-like level, you'll need the map
Participating in a "guess the girl" logic mini-game
Battle in a desert
The fight in outer space is one of the most exciting ones in the game