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Cosmic Fantasy 2 Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

User Screenshots

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Intro: Van's planet
Van's home island
The hero
Village people gathering...
The heroine
Starting the game in your home village
Standard dialogue in a standard house
On the world map
Cut scene with a tree
Character information
This village was burnt down...
Fighting your way through the dungeon...
Random battle
Van engages in a meaningful conversation with the chicken
All shopkeepers have their own animé-style portrait
In a hotel
Weapons shop
This battle is tough...
Van is admiring the sea
Typical silly dialogue. Working Designs knew how to translate!
Dungeons in the game are atmospheric, accompanied by moody music
The village in which time has stopped...
The party tries to find its way through this sinister-looking purple dungeon
Teleporting runes
Boss battle
Say hello to Babs!
A bit like "Ask me about Loom" in Monkey Island, right? :)
Blood in a Japanese RPG? Here you go...
One of the most famous scenes in the history of RPGs! :)
Realistic reflections :) But seriously, can you see the charm of those graphics? :)
A beautiful, cinematic CAT-scene :)
Van and Pico got the ski; now they fight icy monsters in snow fields
It's just me and this animal :) Let's figure out a way through this prison...
Boss battle against Major Payne...
Impressive crystal-ice cave with trap holes
Hey, isn't the enemy to the right a little bit... err... uncensored?
SCARY THUG is just like a regular THUG - only scarier
...and she finishes this sentence with "...masculine bod". No kidding!
You get a full four-people party only when nearing the end phase of the game. Fighting high level enemies in a ghostly castle