Exile: Wicked Phenomenon Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

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TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Good question!..
Introducing the characters: Sadler...
...the idiot Kindi :)...
...and the lovely Rumi, in traditional (for video games, at least) skimpy clothes
Close-up on Rumi
Starting town
Sadler is chatting with people
The vast desert...
Sadler kills a giant scorpion
Game Over screen
Fancy a camel ride?..
Sadler fights giant flies in a forest
Sadler fights a plant boss. The game's difficulty defies belief
Finally, in Baghdad...
Buying drugs... err... medicine
Yeah, those Klispins... bastards...
Typical Working Designs translation. Very goofy :)
You really think you look more handsome with two snakes growing out of your shoulders? You should hire a different fashion designer... or a doctor?..
Rumi in a cut scene. Looks pretty... seductive, I'd say
Rumi fights a boss in Baghdad
Yeah, well, that happens sometimes
Kindi fights a monster in a mountains area