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GS Mikami Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

User Screenshots

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Introducing the characters: Reiko Mikami...
...Meiko, the cute, yet powerful commander of the Shikigami...
...the dark-skinned Emi, Reiko's main rival...
...and the hero-lover Tadao, who, naturally, must look like a pre-pubescent boy
Main menu
Choosing characters in the free battle mode
Reiko vs. Emi
Emi hits hard...
...but Reiko answers!..
This is what happens when you choose the same attack
Battle of old guys!..
Looks like nobody can win...
We lost. Emi rejoices, Game Over...
This time, we won!!..
And off to the dream!..
Headquarters. Minimal interaction
Tadao is trying to take on the Tiger
Tadao inflicts serious damage on the big guy
Are you crazy? Turning into an energy-breathing tiger? That's... err... against animal rights
Chatting with a horse demon. Quite a fashion designer
Catching a glimpse of... the unattainable
Everyone looks and talks crazy in this game. Even this doctor
Tadao looks like a girl
Oh no... what to do?..
O-Kuni has a... err... disproportional reaction
The game is full of typically Japanese cute, wacky, and goofy moments
Tadao is counting sheep :)
Inside Reiko's psyche. Nice medieval castle...
Yeah, I know it's a leopard :)
Top-down navigation on the map of dreams
Checking out rooms
Entry forbidden?..
Mysterious pool