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The Legend of Xanadu Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

User Screenshots

TurboGrafx CD version

Main menu. Oddly enough, there seems to be no real title screen in the game
The game begins with a stylish opening
Close-up on the hero, Areios
It was really hard to bring them all together for this nice family photo
Little village, alone on the pier... what a life...
The churches heal you for free. Very nice!
Character information
Note the day/night cycle. People are about to go to sleep
Outside. Alone against a horde of red slimes. Outside areas are quite vast
Cut scenes between chapters advance the story
The first side-scrolling stage. Fighting slimes
Bigger city. Harbor
It's dark. Me and my party fight pesky undead fighters
Jump to avoid that guy's ranged attack! But beware... behind you!!..
The great hero, savior of the universe, engages in a deep, philosophical conversation with a goat
The party battles strange creatures on a peninsula
More jumping, more jumping...
Ouch, ouch, ouch... this boss hit me hard
Exploring a mountain cave
It looks as if he wants to pet me or something...
Snowy area. Lots of colorful enemies
Expect traditional Japanese "cute" stylistic elements in this game
Gorgeous palace
Hard to see those enemies, since they are the same color as the trees...
Looks like we are lost... plenty of maze-like areas here
Anybody there? No?..
Dramatic cut scene... decisive moment...
It's twilight. High-level party is fighting evil warriors on the paved road
At night, we explore the mysterious dwelling of the undead...
Wee!!... Look, I'm rolling!..
As we try to climb, this plant shoots fireballs at us. That's not nice
Beautiful scenery. I wish we could solve this without resorting to violence...
Lava scenery, dramatic battle!..
Finally, a town with big houses!..
It was almost noon when we fought a horde of dangerous guys near an oasis...
This weird place is shaped like a world map inside a palace. Really!..
Hey! That was unwanted physical contact!..
High-level side-scrolling stage
Ouch... This flying lion is spitting fire
Teleporters, evil lightning-zapping warriors... oh my...