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Lemmings Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

User Screenshots

TurboGrafx CD version

The game begins with the little suckers descending from a balloon...
...crawling through caves...
...until you see this is all part of the title screen :)
Main menu
Level description
First level. Very simple
Second level: use floaters, otherwise the poor little dudes will fall to their deaths
Right. See if I care! Ha-ha-ha!
This level requires more of quick reaction
Palace level. The little guys are stuck - you need to use two different jobs to complete this
Beautiful crystal level. Some mining might be helpful
Bombers are needed to tackle this one
Builders can solve this level if anything else fails
From this point on you are on your own - jobs are distributed evenly, 20 lemmings each
Complex contraptions. Trying to climb
The blocker holds the others while they try to carefully fall through
Hmm... am I doing something wrong here?..
The lonely blocker sees how his stupid comrades depart
Carefully walk over the bridge... or fall through, it's your choice
Bombers have worked on this
This looks like a pleasant one
Don't believe everything you see...
Here lemmings fall from three different openings!
You'll have to bomb your way through without stepping into fire
Round bridge. Are we going to destroy it?..
It's hard to figure out how not to fall into acid
Beautiful level with trees. What could go wrong?..
This "Japanese" level is called "Konnichi wa, Lemmings-san"
In this cool level you climb through spider web!
Okay, I use floaters. Where is the catch? I can only have 20 floaters, that's where!
Bombing the ladder mercilessly