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atari saboteur

Moonlight Lady Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

User Screenshots

TurboGrafx CD version

The girls are glad you bought their game :)
Title screen
Intro: the three heroines
Chapter I begins...
Hiwako is tired...
You'll see this a lot... Hiwako is a real cry baby :)
Nike would make a fine spouse to Ji Peng from Xuanyuan Jian series :)
Exploring the town
Transformation into Artemis
Artemis' stats. Nothing important, actually...
I've charged for this attack, and all I got was a measly fly...
The game has many funny scenes... such as this one: Artemis falling down from the sky just when this guy is about to kiss the girl :)
The first boss battle
The bad guys are concerned
Killing all those monsters at night... I can't concentrate...
School building
School infirmary
The obligatory "intellectual girl" stereotype: the second heroine
This monster to the left looks like one of those Portuguese egg cakes :)
Fierce battle in a class room
A chemical experiment that went wrong...
Yup, a rare moment, during the transformation to Aquarius...
Boss battle against a nasty green dude
...and now fully in Aquarius form - nice outfit!..
Hey, I dig Pele and generally the Brazilian team of 1958
Convenience store. Nothing to buy here. There is no money in the game
Reiko transforms into Minerva. If the skirt were a little bit shorter, it wouldn't be a skirt any more...
The three girls simultaneously attack two big, dumb ice golems :)
Ahh, I'll really enjoy writing this capture: "OH YEAH?!?! AND YOU FIGHT LIKE A COW!!!" :))
Graveyard infested by zombies. ... ... Hmm... Why do I have the feeling I've heard that one before?..
Reiko is proud of her cooking abilities :)