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Rainbow Islands Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

User Screenshots

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Level select
Getting started... it's all pretty simple in the beginning
Yup, completed Stage 1!
Killed by pesky insects
Wow... That's... a lot of food
Building bridges. Black bird is watching from above
A more "urban" structure...
Scaling the castle wall
Boss battle: giant spider!..
Lots of treasure after having defeated the boss
This group of levels has a somewhat pastoral theme
Cannons & tanks
Cute helicopters :)
Boss battle: giant cute helicopter :)
Hey, pal! Am I looking in the mirror, or are you really that ugly? Har, har, har!!..
My rainbows are the only colorful spot in these dark levels...
Small houses, carrots, killer birds... oh my! What a life!..
I need a drink... :)
Intense battle in a castle
I feel lonely... it's only me and the rainbows in the darkness...
Killed by skeletons
Wow, that's... a lot of bricks
Super-attack that kills all enemies. You know why there are no enemies on this screenshot? BECAUSE I KILLED THEM ALL WITH A SUPER-ATTACK!!..
Boss battle: giant vampire
The cutesy theme returns!..