World Heroes 2 Screenshots (TurboGrafx CD)

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TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Player select. What a historical freak show :)
Normal or deathmatch?..
You are taken to the opponent's country
Kidd the pirate uses a dolphin as a special attack. Too sweet for such a pirate...
Looks like communication with dolphins has paid off...
Winner screen
Mysterious treasure cave...
My character looks surprised that he got all that bonus :)
Fighting a football player in the US :)
Nice view! Maybe we stop fighting and grab a beer?..
Ouch... that hurt. Note the changing scrolling view
Bonus mode. I have to break this pillar...
...and I broke it. But the old master got hit in the process...
"Erick"? Is this the correct spelling?..
Hey, come on, that's not fair. You are 80 kilos heavier, and also have an axe, while I am unarmed?...
Some fighters are truly weird...
Take it, punk!..
Rasputin makes a big fist, trying to impress Hulk Hogan here :)
Japanese scenario. My fighter bows politely
Korean girls are watching :)
Fighting Jeanne d'Arc in medieval France!..
J. Carn is Chinese? How come?..
Victory pose in China
Stereotypical snowy Russian scenario. hey, there is summer in this country, too!..
The German fighter is a stereotypical Nazi. I think this is quite insulting
Throwing this guy against a wall reveals... a tank!