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Turmoil Screenshots

User Screenshots

MSX version

Loading screen
Title screen
Pick up the oil can
Hold the oil can under the oil tank
Drop the oil above the grid
The car is complete
Huse the swing rope to cross the gap
Drip some oil to let the Arab bodyguards slip
Pick up the tools for bonuses
Return the tools to the work shop
It's not easy to cross that gap
Driving of to the next screen
Drop the oil on the conveyor belt
Collect the oil in your oil can
On the ladder your are an easy target for the Arabian bodyguards

ZX Spectrum version

This screen displays as the game loads
The game's main menu screen. The player returns here when all lives are lost
Level A There are lots of levels, well 26 to be precise, and all are labelled with a letter
Level B
Level Y
Level Z. Having seen all the levels they do seem to get more complex as the game progresses
The start of the game. Mic must take the oil can, left, to the source of the oil, top right
A fight ensues when Mic is caught, he never wins
The yellow platform is a springboard that helps Mic jump
Ooops! Forgot the oil can
Any contact, even in mid air, results in a fight