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No first-person shooters featured dinosaurs ... until now Nintendo 64 Katakis | カタキス (41649)
Turok is full of silly spectacles Nintendo 64 Kaddy B. (796)
A console fps that rocks?? Yep. And it's made by Acclaim too!! Windows Zovni (10636)
At least a few hours of fun Windows Jackson Schwipp (20)
A Basic N64 Action Game Nintendo 64 Matt Neuteboom (989)
This game is a lot of fun! Nintendo 64 Ben Fahy (94)
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter is just plain fun! Nintendo 64 Ian Dawson (10)

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Platform Votes Score
Nintendo 64 31 3.8
Windows 22 3.7
Combined User Score 53 3.7

Critic Reviews

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Nintendo 64Computer and Video Games (CVG) (Mar, 1997)
A completely engrossing and challenging 3D action game which everyone will love. You've finally got a second reason to buy that Nintendo 64.
Nintendo 64Bravo Screenfun (Mar, 1997)
Der erste Nintendo-64-Ego-Shooter ist ein Hit für digitale Großwildjäger.
Nintendo 64Total! (Germany) (Feb, 1997)
Turok ist ein phantastisches Abenteuer. Das riesige Areal motiviert von der ersten bis zur letzten Sekunde, und die spektakuläre Präsentation tut ein übriges, um auch den letzten Skeptiker wochenlang vor dem Bildschirm zu fesseln. Acclaim hat mit Turok ein ganz heißes Eisen im Feuer, mit dem die Genre-Konkurrenz problemlos abhängt wird. Turok ist ein absolutes Muß für jeden Fan hochwertiger First-Person-Shooter und ein gutes Gegengewicht zu Nintendos hauseigenen Knuddelspielen.
Nintendo 64GamePro (US) (Apr, 1997)
Don't sweat the little stuff, though. Turok has more firepower, more control over it's environment and more gruesome graphics than other corridor shooters. The rest are Doomed to failure.
Nintendo 6464 Extreme (Apr, 1997)
Turok is a most impressive shoot-'em-up that really hits the spot. The graphics are well drawn with clear detailed sprites and the mist effects greatly increase the eeriness and atmosphere. The controls are a little unusual but effective and easy to use
Nintendo 64PGNx Media (Aug 07, 2003)
This is Acclaim and Iguana's magnum opus. It is a shame that the game has not gotten the amount of attention it deserves because it is a rich, deep game. There could have been a multiplayer mode, but what would the point have been? This does better as a one player shoot-em-up. A masterpiece for the ages.
Nintendo 64Officiel Nintendo Magazine (Oct, 1997)
Turok renouvelle un genre que l'on croyait moribond. Un soft qui a tous les atouts pour ravir les fans.
WindowsGamezilla (Aug 17, 2000)
This game is rated M for a reason. The blood and gore are enough to make any highbrow wince and run away. As far as it being too intense for the younger crowd? Nah. You have all seen worse on TV. So I would say without any reservation, try it out -- it's being shipped OEM with some next generation graphics cards, or if you already have one of those cards, spend the money to bring on the carnage. The only real complaints about this game are the incorporation of the save feature from the console version that makes you look for these little stands to save your game, which can really be a bummer at times. Otherwise, the only other thing is the missing option for multiplayer, which for some seems to be important. Basically, buy it.
Nintendo 64Mega Fun (Feb, 1997)
Turok ist ohne Zweifel der beste Ego-Shooter, den es momentan gibt. Selbst das atmosphärisch dichte Alien Trilogy kann angesichts dieses enormen Aufwandes, der hier betrieben wurde, nicht einmal ansatzweise mithalten. Fangen wir mit der Quantität an: Alleine die geradezu frustierend großen Levels, die über 20 verschiedenen Feindkreationen (plus Endgegner) sowie 16 unterschiedliche Waffensysteme stellen einen absoluten Rekord dar. Bis man die umgerechnet 450.000 Quadratmeter großen 3 D-Levels abgesucht hat, vergehen unzählige Stunden, zumal das ganze durch zusätzliche Warpzonen garniert wurde. Aber auch die Qualität stimmt.
Nintendo 64X64 (Oct, 1997)
Turok renouvelle le genre (un peu fatigué) du Doom-like. Très violent mais vraiment passionnant, il périte une place d'honneur dans votre ludothèque pour Nintendo 64.
Nintendo 64Game Revolution (Jun 06, 2004)
Even if the first person shooter is becoming an older genre, Turok is a worthy new addition. The graphics are as good as Quake's, even after you run Quake through a 3D accelerator! The wide variety of weapons and enemies keep it interesting and entertaining for hours of end. This is easily the best first person shooter for any non-computer system to date, and it ranks up there with the best that a high-end PC can offer. Looks like the N64 in the Game Revolution offices won't be gathering dust anymore.
Nintendo 64Super Power (Jul, 1997)
Tout bouge au poil et vous prendrez réellement votre pied à tout rompre. Cependant, il est vrai qu'il ne faut pas espérer une pointe de profondeur dans Turok, blaster sera votre seul mobile. Mais c'est largement suffisant, tant que l'on est prévenu, et que l'on accepte les conditions du marché.
Nintendo 64Video Games (Feb, 1997)
Kurzum: Turok gehört mit zum Besten, was die Nintendo 64-Welt derzeit zu bieten hat. Holt Euch also Acclaims nahezu perfekten 3D-Shooter, der die N64-Hardware bis auf das letzte Quentchen Rechenleistung ausnützt und dazu wochenlang für grenzenlosen Spielspaß sorgt.
Nintendo 64Game Play 64 (Aug, 1997)
Vous l'avez compris, Turok est un jeu à posséder si vous aimez les Doom-like, vous serez époustouflés par sa prouesse technique et sa réalisation !!
Nintendo 64Electric Playground (Mar 19, 1997)
Turok's flashy stuff notwithstanding, it is the game's incredibly rich and complex level construction and enemy AI that will keep your heart pounding and the sweat beading until the very end.
Nintendo 64Nintendojo (May 26, 2003)
After the smoke clears, and the nuclear radiation fades, Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter is one of the finest games in video game history. It combines every element that makes a good game flawlessly, and, unless you are really, really, really, not a first-person shooter fan, Turok will satisfy you. I think all Nintendo 64 owners should at least try this game, and see why the people who own it think some gaming magazines were dead wrong with their reviews. One of the best so far for the Nintendo 64.
WindowsPC Zone (Aug 13, 2001)
And there are some seriously scary bastards to fight. Each level is chocka with savage dinosaurs and artillery-equipped cyborgs. Once you've had your first few encounters, the dull thud of dinosaur feet will soon start to set the adrenaline flowing (if not the bowels). It's bad enough when they're au naturel, but when you start coming up against the tooled-up mutant dinos, with all sorts of death-dealing mega-weapons mounted on them, things start to get very hectic. The alien infantry types even zig-zag when they run towards you. Overall, the animation is superb. And unlike many games of this type, it's a good one-player game (which is good, considering there's no multi-player option). The huge levels with their exploration elements, varied backgrounds and hugely destructive weapons combine to make this one of the better and more entertaining games around at the moment. It's also one of the very few games to make you scared while you're playing (well, a little bit).
Nintendo 64Edge (Feb, 1997)
Developed by Iguana, Turok is a title that N64 owners will point to in defence of the claim that only Nintendo can write quality games for its console. Here is an independent game that is leaps and bounds ahead of third-party turkeys such as Cruis’n USA.
Nintendo 64Gamezilla (1997)
If you like the feel of first person games (ala DOOM), and you like adventure too (like Tomb Raider), it doesn't get any better than Turok. The smooth controls and fluid all-around head movement make it a real innovation in home video game technology. I wish they would use this game engine and remake some of my other favorite games, like Shadows of the Empire, for instance. Anyway, there's an amazing variety of terrains in eight levels to explore, and a few secret rooms too, so it'll be a long time before you get bored with this one. It's designed for mature audiences, but if you like you can change the blood to green or simply turn it off to soften the carnage.
Nintendo 64Gaming Age (Sep 19, 2004)
All in all, this N64 title should be rented before purchase is considered as it may not appeal to everyone. First Person Shooter fans should definiteley pick this up though -- it sets a new standard in its respective genre.
WindowsMikroBitti (Feb, 1998)
Intiaanisoturi Turok on joutunut liki Jurassic Parkin maisemiin, mutta se painii kertaluokkaa raskaammassa sarjassa. Kokijan silmin kuvattu tappomeininki on pelin henki kun Turok koluaa kadonnutta maailmaa tavoitteenaan kerätä muinaisen esineen palaset, ennen kuin ne joutuvat vääriin käsiin.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Dec 31, 1997)
De acht ruime levels, de verborgen kamers, de teleporters, de vier boss-levels, de adrenaline pompende actie in donkere doolhoven, de wapens waarmee je een heel leger neermaait, monsterachtige vijanden die regenereren en je in de rug aanvallen en last but not least: dinosaurussen! Meer is er niet nodig om mij uren zoet te houden. En als je het spel aan een vriend laat zien, zorg dan wel dat hij op een stoel zit zodat hij niet omver valt. Kortom, uitstekend!
Nintendo 64IGN (Mar 11, 1997)
In the end, Turok is a fully envisioned game, a serious contender with the best of the Doom genre on any platform. Turok surprises, challenges and pleases, and is full of deep, long-lasting gameplay. A multiplayer mode would have greatly enhanced the game and sometimes extensive fogging can be annoying, but overall, a terrific first-person shooter.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Oct, 1997)
Technisch perfekt, grafisch brillant und abwechslungsreicher als die meisten Konkurrenten: Turok ist ein echter Lichtblick im 3D-Action-Genre. Die riesigen Levels wiederholen sich an keiner Stelle und fordern dem Spieler einiges an Kopfarbeit ab, da die Mischung aus Jump-and-Run-Elementen und Schalterrätseln deutlich herber als in üblichen Ballerspielen ist. Daher auch eine Warnung an alle 3D-Action-Fans: Turok läßt sich nur schwer mit der indizierten Konkurrenz vergleichen, da Sie wesentlich mehr denken müssen und sich der reine Balleranteil sehr in Grenzen hält. Trotzdem ist der Schwierigkeitsgrad happig, da sich nur an bestimmten Stellen im Level speichern läßt. Angesichts der kargen Softwareversorgung des Nintendo 64 mag es sinnvoll sein, ein Spiel künstlich zu strecken, doch zum einen ist der PC mit Spielen bestens versorgt, zum anderen ist Turok auch so komplex genug.
WindowsMeristation (Mar 22, 1998)
Lo bueno: Los gráficos por primer lugar ya que poseen todos los efectos que las placas aceleradoras 3D nos puedan proveer. Incluso en mi Monster 3D se ponía lento algunas veces! También el ambiente nos hace sentir que realmente nos encontramos en la selva o en una caverna. Esto es un detalle que muy pocos juegos logran. Lo no tan bueno: Las armas son difíciles de controlar y podría decir que no pertenecen al juego, aun con el efecto que hacen cada vez que impactan en algo. La historia es nula y nuestras acciones se reducen a matar, pisar en piedras, abrir en puertas, encontrar llaves y pasar de nivel. Este es sin duda el punto mas flojo de Turok.
WindowsMega Score (Feb, 1998)
A explorar com uma placa 3D por perto(3Dfx e Power VR como as mais contempladas) Turok é, mais uma vez, uma excelente viagem pelos catálogosde efeitos especiais destes assesórios gráficos. Fora isso, é um banho de sangue como sempre. Verde ou Vermelho (os alemães acham que o sangue verde não choca tanto..), tanto faz...
WindowsPC Jeux (Nov, 1997)
Turok brille par sa technique, son originalité et ses armes. Dommage que les décors ne se renouvellent pas davantage...
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Oct, 1997)
Trotz der tollen Grafik offenbart Turok: Dinosaur Hunter seine eigentlichen Stärken nicht auf den ersten Blick. Wer als erfahrener PC-Ballerveteran das Programm nur mal kurz anspielt, freut sich über prächtig animierte Polygonsaurier und legt es wenig später enttäuscht wieder zur Seite. Um zu merken, daß in Turok auch jede Menge Spielspaß steckt, ist viel Ausdauer nötig, und die wird erst ab dem dritten Level wirklich belohnt. Dann entpuppt sich das Programm als atmosphärisch dichtes Abenteuer der ersten Güteklasse. Besonderen Anteil daran haben vor allem die clever designten Level, die mit vielen Überraschungen aufwarten und beängstigend echt wirken. Ich finde es äußerst erfrischend,mal eine riesige Oberwelt auf eigene Faust zu erkunden und meinen Weg selbst finden zu müssen.
WindowsPC Joker (Oct, 1997)
Meine Meinung: Trotz teils deftiger Sterbeszenen ist im riesigen und wunderhübsch gestalteten Spielareal für Unterhaltung gesorgt. Bis mein fescher Indianer den richtigen Weg gefunden hatte, verging oft eine halbe Stunde - ganz zu schweigen von den Problemen beim Erklimmen der winzigen Plattformen. Tatsächlich gestört hat mich daher schon eher, daß man nicht einfach abspeichern kann, wenn man die Geduld verliert. Statt dessen muß erst ein Savepunkt aufgesucht werden. Und das kann nerven!
Nintendo 64GameSpot (Mar 04, 1997)
Turok is more than just another Doom clone. And while Doom 64 and Hexen may provide more action, only Turok delivers a complete package of great graphics, outstanding sound, and a fresh premise. If you are one of the N64 owners who think there is nothing past Mario 64, you haven't played Turok.
Nintendo 6464 Power / big.N / N Games (May, 1997)
Turok ist längst nicht so innovativ wie Mario 64. Falls dies doch jemand behaupten sollte, der hat Mario 64 noch nicht durchgespielt. Turok glänzt zwar mit einer exzellenten Technik, aber die allein macht noch längst kein gutes Spiel. Es wird zu schnell langweilig, weil man die Erkundungstouren früher oder später satt hat. Die Entwickler haben ihr Ziel anscheinend deutlich verfehlt!
WindowsCD-Action (Jan, 1998)
Jak dla mnie Turok jest po prostu świetny, a poza nieszczęsnym multiplayerem naprawdę ciężko dopatrzyć się w nim jakiś baboli, które dałoby się z zapałem objechać. Gra jest po prostu czadowa i pozostaje jedynie żałować, że doba ma zaledwie 24 godziny...
Nintendo 64Retro Spirit Games (Aug 06, 2013)
Thankfully, Turok is so damn engaging and fun that even these aggravating sections can't spoil the overall experience. It may look rough around the edges today, but make no mistake. Turok Dinosaur Hunter is a tense, atmospheric slice of shooting action that deserves to be revisited. The massive, well designed worlds, large arsenal of creative weaponry, and tight controls - not to mention the excellent atmosphere - help Turok stand the test of time, and make it an essential game for any N64 (and PC) owner or fan of first person shooters.
Nintendo 64Retroage (Jan 30, 2008)
Turok Dinosaur Hunter jest naprawdę niezwykły. Dziś co prawda nie trafi do tylu odbiorców, co w roku 1997 czy 1998, ale ma swój jedyny i wyjątkowy urok. Surowość klimatu i poczucie izolacji od wszelkiego "dobrego" stworzenia. Szkielety leżące tu i ówdzie dodają uroku i poczucia zagrożenia życia. Turok doczekał się kontynuacji aż czterokrotnie, jednak jedna z nich to tylko multiplayerowy deathmatch, a inna - będąca prequelem serii - nie została już wydana na Nintendo 64. Jeżeli jest jeszcze coś, za co mogę poklepać pierwszego Turoka po ramieniu, to jest to obraz, który zapadł mi głęboko w pamięci, obraz kapitalnych katakumb i ostatniej planszy.
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Oct, 1997)
Mit Sicherheit handelt es sich bei Turok um eins der fortschrittlichsten Spiele unserer Zeit. Die beschleunigte 3D-Grafik wirkt durchaus schnieke, das Aussehen und die Animationen der umherwütenden Gegner übertreffen alles Dagewesene bei weitem. Schäumende Wasserfälle und wehende Spinnennetze auch auf schwachen Rechnern geben einen Einblick in die Leistungsfähigkeit von 3D-Beschleunigern. Die Waffen und ihre Effekte sind nichts anderes als spektakulär. Wenn Bäume unter Granatenhagel knicken, kommt einfach Freude auf.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Mar 03, 1998)
Can one of the most successful console games be brought over to the PC and made a success? Acclaim has made the attempt with their hugely successful N64 title Turok Dinosaur Hunter. On the N64 this game was a huge success. At the time of the release, there were slim pickings for good titles, but Turok Dinosaur Hunter offered a whole new experience most console gamers had never had. The lush graphics, awesome sounds, and amazing weapons drew them into the polyganized jungle of this title.
Nintendo 64Retrogaming History (Apr 17, 2010)
Il contributo di Turok alla causa del Nintendo 64 fu inestimabile. Baluardo di capacità tecniche irraggiungibili per la concorrenza e precursore di una vera vita del genere FPS per console, patisce infelici scelte di game design e l'imperante nebbia, che assieme al dono di personalità ed atmosfera infligge il danno della claustrofobia. Troppe sezioni platform ed un'enfasi esagerata sulla raccolta di oggetti nascosti irrita il giocatore, il quale negli anni è cresciuto in una direzione troppo diversa, soprattutto in termini di varietà. Un pezzo di storia che espone a mezz'asta l'effige del capolavoro che è stato.
Nintendo 64GameLemon (Dec 07, 2005)
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, the first FPS for the N64, was a smash when it was released in 1997, and with good reason. Here were big environments that you could run around in like a rabid wolverine. You roam at will, encounter charming locals, and kill them in colorful ways. It was like Dark Mario. Enemies screamed, clutched something relatively near where you shot them, and died in a pool of their own blood. This was heady stuff back in the day. Nowadays the game seems archaically quaint, but give it another try. Turok has a lot of cool stuff in it that todays programmers would be wise to steal. Pardon me - emulate. Classics are called that because of their longevity. If you have sworn off the franchise after the sorry, sorrier and sorriest sequels, go back in time, blow $4.99 at Gamestop, and see what the fuss was all about.
Nintendo 64Computer and Video Games (CVG) (Aug 15, 2001)
Describing the stages in Turok as mere 'levels' doesn't really do them justice - it took us almost two hours to find everything in the first one alone, and they get bigger! On each stage you have three keys to find, which allow access to later levels. The levels don't need to be opened in order, and you can go between them at will, but you'll need to explore all eight levels to be able to complete the game. Hidden on each level is a piece of the artifact known as the Chronosceptre. Trouble is, each pieces are so well hidden that it'll take hours of head scratching to find 'em.
WindowsGameSpot (Dec 23, 1997)
When Turok came out for the N64, it was met with mixed opinions. While fans of first-person action games championed Turok as a game innovative in its class, many were up in arms about the game's over-the-top bloodshed, causing certain stores to embargo the cartridge. Either way, playing Iguana Entertainment's violent masterpiece - with its flashy arsenal of weapons and lifelike cretins - is a technically arresting adventure. Acclaim's latest PC version of Turok is no exception, though some of the gameplay criticisms originally fired at its Nintendo cousin still apply.
Nintendo 64Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (Mar, 1997)
We were all pummeled by Turok-related hype, so I was a little disappointed when I finally got to play through the game. Sure, it looks fantastic, all lush and pretty and sprawling. But the levels themselves get a little repetitive after a while, just a whole lot of runnin' through the jungle (with a few levels of indoor areas for variety). Worse yet, control takes a while to get used to. Strange as it may sound, the camera buttons control your movement, while the analog stick controls your view for aiming. I wish there was an option to switch to a more conventional control setting. Still, the enemies and animation are superb.
65 (1997)
Wer Quake 2 noch nie gespielt hat, wird auch an den einfallslosen Texturen und Gegnern aus Turoks Dschungelwelt nichts zu bemängeln haben. Ohne Vergleiche anzustellen hält sich die Rothaut mit dem begrenzten Wortschatz also durchaus im überdurchschnittlichen Bereich. Id's Werk hat allerdings das interessantere Leveldesign, die schönere Grafik und die packendere Musik.
If you can fight your way through the tedium, Turok is a moderately satisfying single-player experience with a superior arsenal. But when we already have Quake and Jedi Knight, well - what's the point?
WindowsAbandonia Times (Oct, 2011)
It seems that Turok has everything that Goldeneye 007 didn’t, but also missed out on all the good parts of Goldeneye 007. Not only that, but Turok lacks any type of multiplayer features (local, network or internet). It would have been nice to have a multiplayer option, which is what allowed Quake to achieve and maintain its popularity in 1996. Iguana was able to develop and make a game that looked beautiful, but in perfect Daikatana fashion, it lacks anything truly revolutionary.
Nintendo 64Nintendo Life (Aug 03, 2013)
When it was released, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter was a seminal title that was deserving of the praise that it got. And while it's now horribly outdated as a result of the genre innovations that followed, there was very little else like it on home consoles at the time. It isn't the prettiest or most playable title on the N64, but that doesn't mean that you can't marvel at everything it managed to achieve. The game world is large and full of life, both the weapons and enemies are vicious, and while it may not be to everyone's liking, it offers an insanely tough challenge for you to try to conquer. Despite this, it really hasn't aged well, meaning that unless you hold a firm appreciation for retro titles, there's a good chance you'll struggle to find a great deal of enjoyment in the experience.
WindowsThe Retro Spirit (Dec 11, 2008)
For å oppsummere denne jaktsesongen, så kan man vel ikke si at gjensynet med denne utgivelsen var bare hjertelig. Kontrollene var litt tungvinte, lyden var ikke spesielt bra, grafikken var i og for seg banebrytende, men blir beklageligvis alt for dårlig kontra både den gamle og den nye typen grafikk - og historien var omtrent like inspirerende som en svett gymsokk. Jeg kan jo sitere en god venn av meg når jeg sier: "Turok? Det er jo bare helt KONGE da! Løpe igjennom med koder og minigun!", og jeg tror nok dette er det spillet egner seg best til. Hvis du vil spille en klassiker fra gamle dager, så vil jeg nok kanskje anbefale «DOOM» eller «Wolfenstein». Disse spillene tok vår multimediabaggasje til nye høyder når det kom til fascinasjon og underholdningsevne.
WindowsGénération 4 (Dec, 1997)
Pour synthétiser, Turok possède de nombreuses qualités mais le fun n'est pas vraiment au rendez-vous. Est-ce le manque d'ambiance (dû à une absence totale de scénario et de contexte), le manque d'objectifs dans les niveaux, le côté répétitif ? Peut-être un peu des trois. De plus, il ne propose aucune option multijoueur (lacune impardonnable aujourd'hui) pour se rattraper. Un jeu moyen donc dans lequel on arrive tout de même à s'amuser mais qui aurait dû être bien meilleur ! À voir pour la beauté des armes.
Nintendo 64The Video Game Critic (Feb 27, 2008)
But not all of Turok's graphics are so easy on the eyes. The dark scenery makes it tough to spot narrow crevasses, and when your "spiritual invincibility" kicks in, the psychedelic colors make it impossible to tell what's going on. Turok's audio is high quality. The jungle sounds and bongo drums strike a primeval tone, but they are repetitive. Likewise the roars and screeches that suggest nearby danger are way overdone. It's easy to see why Turok was popular in its time, but FPS games have evolved rapidly, and this one is looking its age.
Nintendo 64Digital Press - Classic Video Games (Oct 18, 2005)
Now a common pick-up, Turok is worth trying nine years later. If it feels ok to move the lead character around and you can handle some infuriating jumping sections, you'll be engrossed in this bland-looking FPS. It's a game that was created before the system was ready to handle it.