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Original NES quality graphics come to the Genesis. Genesis Majestic Lizard (673)

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Genesis 14 3.4
NES 6 4.0
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TurboGrafx-16 5 4.5
Combined User Score 25 3.8

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TurboGrafx-16The Games Machine (UK) (Jun, 1989)
Tiger is quite a difficult game, so it won't come to anyone but toughened players, but whatever ability, it holds your interest. With each successive game a little more progress is made, ensuring you don't give up until it gets very difficult - and it certainly does!
TurboGrafx-16Power Play (Aug, 1989)
Schweißnasse Finger, gestiegener Adrenalinspiegel, schlaflose Nächte - und alles nur wegen Tiger Heli. Das Modul bietet interessante Musik, viele Sprites und tonnenweise Action. Einiges gefällt mit jedoch nicht so gut, weshalb es bei mir auch nicht zu einer Spitzen-Wertung reicht. Zum einen ist das Spiel nicht ganz fair. Ein naher Panzer schießt oder ein Hubschrauber verdeckt einen Schuß, den man erst sieht, wenn der Gegner erledigt ist: unmöglich, da noch zu reagieren. Außerdem hab ich‘s nicht gerne, wenn ich mühsam hinter den Extra- Symbolen herhetzen muß. Schnell ist bei der Jagd über den Bildschirm ein weiteres Leben weg. Trotzdem gehört Tiger Heu in jede gutbestückte Ballerspiel-Sammlung.
GenesisPower Play (Apr, 1991)
Alles in allem: Technisch ordentlich (ab und zu wird’s langsamer), grafisch solide (wie PC-Engine), musikalisch hervorragend (fantastische Soundeffekte), spielerisch nach wie vor überzeugend.
GenesisVideo Games (Jun, 1991)
[FAZITI Dieses Modul weckt Emotionen: Tiger Hell bietet Ballerunterhaltung der Oberklasse, doch manchmal möchte man das gute Stück wutschnaubend aus dem Fenster werten. Der Scliwleriqkeitsgrad Ist so gepfeffert, daß man nach einem Treffer und dem damit verbundenen Verlust aller Extras kaum eine liberlebenschance hat. Levelaufbau, Extra- system und Herausforderung sind bei diesem gradlinigen Actionfestival so gut, daß die Motivation nicht sonderlich darunter leidet. Gute Ballerspiele gibt‘s fürs Mega Drive in Hülle und Fülle, doch Tiger Hell sticht aus der Masse heraus: ein Luder in Modulform; strapaziös, aber unwiderstehlich.
GenesisJoystick (French) (Apr, 1991)
Parfaitement réalisé, bien qu'il ralentisse un peu lorsque l'écran est surchargé, ce Shoot'Em Up classique reste tout à fait correct.
Twin Cobra is a fun shooter with lots of power-ups to satisfy the shooter fan. Listen to some cranking tunes and blast your way through the enemy tanks!! This game is a lot of fun to play, but it would have been nice if they kept the two-player option in the game, like the arcade.
Despite the simplicity, the controls are very tight and this is one of the more hectic, “bullet hell” oriented shooters on the system. Well worth playing.
70 (Oct 12, 2006)
Personally I loved the Genesis version of Twin Cobra. I still remember back when I was a kid how hard the game was and me screaming at the TV screen all the time. The game still gives me headaches from time to time due to its brutally difficulty. This is one of those shmups that make you want to throw the controller on the ground many times (better buy backup controllers!). Despite knowing that the TurboGrafx-16 port is a little better, I still go back to the Genesis port for its difficulty (hurt me!). Shmups fans might like it, but the rest you had been warned that it can cause headaches.
Having enjoyed the quite addictive PC Engine version of this vertical scroller. I was rather disappointed to find that the Megadrive version falls down drastically, both in audio-visual and playability aspects. In the end, it's 'just another blast', and not a very good one at that.
Twin Cobra is above average thanks to several options like selecting different weapons and powering them up to incredible heights. The backgrounds are well-detailed and colorful and the whole game is easy to play. Twin Cobra is better than most shooting games in this class.
ArcadeCommodore User (Apr, 1988)
Twin Cobra passes most of the tests in terms of graphics, sound and playability. It's smart, entertaining — and, of course, utterly predictable. If coin-ops were records, this would be a Stock Aitken Waterman release — slick, user-friendly and pretty much the same as the last one.
NESVideoGame (Jun, 1991)
No comando de um avançado helicóptero de combate, você deve sobrevoar o campo inimigo para preparar a ofensiva de seu exército.
58 (Dec, 2013)
Twin Cobra is a lot like the “Flaming Moe” cocktail before it’s lit: not without its charm. It’s just a shame you can’t light the cartridge on fire to produce a more intoxicating shmup. Wouldn’t that be somethin’.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic (Nov 15, 2006)
Larger enemies appear to "glisten" as they take damage, which looks totally stupid. Four weapons are available, and each can be powered-up. Unfortunately, power-up icons tend to linger at the top of the screen, making them hazardous to obtain. At the other extreme, the pain-in-the-butt "weapon change" icons are hard to avoid! Don't forget to unleash your bombs when the screen becomes crowded - they're very effective. After your copter is shot down, it takes a few seconds for the game to resume, and this unnecessary pause annoyed me to no end. Twin Cobra's difficulty is extreme, so you'll probably need to set the skill level to "easy A" if you aspire to conquer the first stage. The game's music is spirited enough but gets repetitive. I have a lot of bones to pick with Twin Cobra, but that didn't prevent me from replaying it over and over again. The game succeeds in spite of itself. It seems like the more pissed off I became, the more I wanted to play.