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A long time ago, Aziraal, the god of war and leader of the hordes of Orcs, was slain in a huge battle. After this crushing defeat, the hordes were forced to withdraw to the southern wastelands. A thousands years later, the location of Aziraal's tomb is still unknown because the other gods did not dare to entrust this secret to any mortal. But one day a dwarven mining expedition discovers an ancient temple. The civilized races and the horde came to the same conclusion: in this temple lies the clue to Aziraal's burial ground. So the fragile peace between the two factions is at stake and a silent war has begun, preparing the holy crusade of the Orcs to find and revive their glorious leader. But behind the curtain a powerful force also weaves a secret plot to take the powers for itself.

In this mess steps a wandering bounty hunter - You - whose sister has been kidnapped by strange figures which demand for the sisters release that he finds several mysterious artifacts...

Two Worlds plays much like Gothic 3. You start in a small tutorial dungeon and after completing it, you are free to roam the big world - taking on side quests while completing your main goal. But you are not alone in the world and many animals or more human-like foes stand in your way. To deal with these enemies, there is the usual choice between magic, melee or ranged combat. You define what you want to be by distributing the skill and param points you gain at each level. The param points go into the four basics (dexterity, strength, vitality and willpower). The skill points are used for different attributes in six different categories (General, Magic, Combat passive, Combat active, Range passive and Range active).

As always, there are tons of items to discover in the world. They come in very different forms, ranging from weapons and armor to plants and artifacts. Plants can be used to brew potions but no recipes can be found in the world. You have to find all the useful combinations by yourself and then you can save your recipe to automatically brew that potion when you have collected the needed ingredients.

Since your inventory is limited, you can improve the weapons and armor you find on the fly. This is done by combining two identical items. Then you get a more powerful item. Then you can still add more of the same items on top, so even the weakest weapon can become very powerful. In terms of magic you use Boosters to make your basic spell more powerful.

Two Worlds also features combat while horse-back riding. Other features include teleporters all over the world, a combat system with a realistic hit system (if you swing your sword in a circle, you will hit every enemy in range) and NPCs with a day/night-cycle.


Two Worlds Windows A valley overview
Two Worlds Windows You can attack while riding the horse.
Two Worlds Windows Welcome outside.
Two Worlds Windows It's no Ultima, simply a health shrine.

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User Reviews

Not two worlds, but certainly one very big one Windows Cavalary (10489)

Critic Reviews

GameStar (Germany) Windows May 30, 2007 83 out of 100 83
GameZone Windows Sep 18, 2007 7.1 out of 10 71
GamingXP Windows Sep 17, 2007 70 out of 100 70
ActionTrip Windows May 18, 2007 62 out of 100 62
Game Chronicles Windows Oct 10, 2007 6.1 out of 10 61
Extreme Gamer Xbox 360 Sep 03, 2007 6 out of 10 60
Game Freaks 365 Xbox 360 2007 5.8 out of 10 58
1UP Windows Sep 25, 2007 C+ 58
Game Shark Windows Oct 24, 2007 C- 42
Gamestyle Xbox 360 Nov 15, 2007 3 out of 10 30


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It was #3 in a Top 10 of Worst Games of 2007 by Game Informer Magazine Issue #77 (January, 2008).

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