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Ultima Collection Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Akalabeth - Intro
Akalabeth - Game - Entering a town
Akalabeth - Game - Exploring a dungeon
Ultima I - Title
Ultima I - Game
Ultima I - Game - Entering a dungeon
Ultima II - Intro
Ultima II - Game - Having a little fight
Ultima II - Game - Getting new weapons
Ultima III - Title
Ultima III - Character Generation
Ultima III - Game - Trouble is brewing
Ultima IV - Main Menu
Ultima IV - Intro
Ultima IV - Character Generation
Ultima IV - Doing our first conversations
Ultima IV - Our first fight with an Orc
Ultima IV - I was dead ... but resurrected by Lord British
Ultima IV - Meeting our good friend Iolo for the very first time
Ultima V - Title
Ultima V - Game - Just walking around
Ultima V - Game - I hate those rats
Ultima VI - Intro
Ultima VI - Game - It starts with a fight
Ultima VI - Game - Getting some food
Ultima VII - Intro
Ultima VII - Game - The murder to be investigated
Ultima VII - Game - And again ... the guardian
Serpent Isle - Intro
Serpent Isle - Game - Doing some chatting
Serpent Isle - Game - I guess there is a little rain coming
Ultima VIII - Intro
Ultima VIII - Game - It starts with an execution
Ultima VIII - Game - And again a little chat