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Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Making a player disk
Starting a new game
A vision of a moongate
You spot a renaissance fair
The mysterious ankh gets you free admission
Could your fate be decided in that gypsy wagon?
She wears an ankh as well, what could that mean?
These aren't your usual tarot cards.
Moral decisions must be made and how you answer the questions determines what class your character will be in the game.
I think I'll choose Spirituality over Sacrifice.
Where you start in the game is determined by your choices. Spirituality is the virtue of the Ranger class, so I appear by the Ranger town of Skara Brae.
Exploring Skara Brae. Provisions are important to purchase as you constantly eat them during your travels. Run out and you will starve to death.
Shamino is the main NPC ranger. If you start as any other class you can recruit him to your party.
The only way off the island without a boat is to wait for a moon gate to appear.
I've taken the moon gate and am now lost somewhere in Brittania being chased by skeletons.
Combat takes place on a separate screen where you make tactical decisions.
I defeated the skeleton and he dropped this chest for me to loot.
Traveling through a mountain pass. Rough terrain such as hills and forests take slow your movement.
Snakes are bad news for a low level character. I've been poisoned and continue losing health even after the snake is dead.
I succumbed to the poison and died, but thankfully Lord British has brought me back from the void.
The prison in Lord British's castle has monsters and miscreants behind bars.
Just outside the castle of Lord British. You can see the nearby town of Britain to the Northwest.
Iolo the jester joins my party. One NPC of every class aside from your own can join your party.

Apple II version

Title screen
Intro (1)
Intro (2)
Intro (3)
Character generation
Map of Castle British
Lord British's quest
Outdoors view - Approaching a shrine
Meditating at the Shrine of Compassion

Atari 8-bit version

Title Screen
Intro Sequence
Character Creation
World Map
An Inn

Atari ST version

Intro Sequence
Character Creation
Character Creation continued
Determining your Attributes
Near Magencia
The Place is deteriorating and full of creepy crawlies
Resurrected by Lord British
Outside Lord British's new castle
Wandering around Town

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Intro - The gate opens
The Renaissance Fair
Answering the gypsie's questions
The quest of the Avatar begins!
Lord British
Dungeon (Early NTSC C64 Composite)

DOS version

Title screen
Intro: taking a stroll one day, you discover something...
Intro: you meet a mysterious gypsy woman
Character generation: answer a series of ethical questions to determine your class, stats, and starting location
And the adventure begins!..
Early in the game - you are lonely, penniless, and weak. But look, nearby is a town, and in front of you is a moongate!..
Lord British is looking good as usual
Ambush! Time to see if those exercise videos have paid off...
A full party is camping
Magic gems are very helpful, showing you a rough map of the surroundings
Ship battle! Just shoot your projectiles at those aquatic monsters
All kinds of things can happen in this game. That includes being stranded on a tiny island with a treasure chest, poisoned, with monsters swimming around, and a frigate
You attempt to learn more about certain aspects of human activity from this ordinary guard. Sadly, he doesn't seem to be an expert in the topic
Prison in Lord British's castle. Human rights abuse, you punk!..
Standing right outside the castle of Lord British - the capital and center of Britannia
What I need is some instant noodles with Harbin sausage and perhaps a bottle of vodka. You know... for the travel and all. Not for me, for Dupre, see
Talking to some kids in one of the game's several regularly-sized towns. They all look pretty much alike. Both towns and kids, I mean
You've attacked an innocent child! That's it, you lose an eighth of your spiritual progress! Really!..
Errrr... I'm not sure this is a battle you should strive to win
Fighting somewhat comically-looking green monsters in a mountainous area
Battle in a forest clearing against some gay dudes. No, seriously, look at the color of their shirts!..
Browsing the wares in one of the game's weapon shops
Battle in a poisonous swamp! You retreat hastily
This is the Empath Abbey. Both its rulers, male and female, look just like you. They don't talk much, either
You can suddenly meet tougher enemies on the overworld. Look, there are dragons and some weird monster with them...
Buy horses in Paws! In a town with such a name, you'd expect to be able to buy cats...
Battle on a bridge! You... shall... not... pass!!..
You wandered this far to discover... a dungeon entrance!
Dungeon exploration! Near a descending ladder. In front is a suspiciously-looking field
You've found a magical ball! Touch it and see what happens!..
Dungeon battle against disturbingly swastika-like spiders
Enemies appear in front of you in dungeons. One step further and you'll be taken to a regular battle screen
Not all dungeon rooms are dedicated fully to battles. Here is one little dragon stuck between treasure chests. The question is, how do you get to them?..
A battle between two human parties. Who will prevail?..
Uh-oh... this can't be good. Those tough demons cast a spell on me!..
Found a treasure chest in a dungeon! And what's that behind?..
Battle terrain may vary. Be careful where you step!.. Opening spellcasting interface
You explore a tough-to-reach, very dangerous area late in the game. You are close, Avatar!..
You've reached what appears to be a ship graveyard...
Ghosts are lurking in the corners...
Weird creatures attack in one of the game's later battles. One of my characters is asleep...
Title screen (CGA with composite monitor)
Game start (CGA with composite monitor)
Lord British's quest (CGA with composite monitor)
Town entrance (CGA with composite monitor)
Combat (CGA with composite monitor)
Mountains (CGA with composite monitor)
Dungeon (CGA with composite monitor)
Typing in my name (CGA w/Composite Monitor)

FM Towns version

Title screen
The FM Towns version has a unique additional intro
Getting acquainted with the great series
Decide the fate of Britannia!..
Let's get started...
The adventure calls...
The gypsy wagon
Famous character shaping
Near Moonglow, on the world map
Hitting the town
Visiting a castle
Look Ma, it's a moongate
Yup, that's just what I need right now...
Lord British's castle
I thought LB was an enlightened monarch. But he still tortures his prisoners?..

iPad version

Initially loaded screen
Overall menu
Started the game (portrait orientation)
Game title screen (portrait orientation)
Opening story (portrait orientation)
You must choose from among these options (portrait orientation)
I am starting at Britain and Castle Britannia (portrait orientation)
Talking to Chuckles the Jester in Castle Britannia (portrait orientation)
Talking to Lord British (portrait orientation)
To the north of me is a secret passage (portrait orientation)
Standing in the secret passage (portrait orientation)
Combat (portrait orientation)
They left a chest (portrait orientation)
There was a poison trap but I avoided it. The chest contained 35 gold. (portrait orientation)
Started the game (landscape orientation)
Game title screen (landscape orientation)
Opening story (landscape orientation)
You must choose from among the options (landscape orientation)
I am starting at Britain and Castle Britannia (landscape orientation)
Combat (landscape orientation)
They lest a chest. There are also orcs in the area that will approach and attack. (landscape orientation)
There was a poison trap but I avoided it. The chest contained 85 gold. (landscape orientation)
Standing next to the armour and weaponry shops in the town of Britain (landscape orientation)

MSX version

Title screen
You can type your name here.
You find a mysterious circle...
View on the market
You search for the gypsy wagon...
Meeting the Gypsy!
Character creation. Depending on your answers to the moral questions, you'll belong to a certain class
Starting in Moonglow
The entrance to the city of Moonglow
Sage Deli? What next? Mage Burgers?
You can't see much around in the forest. Pretty realistic, in fact
Battle screen. Move around freely and attack with A key whenever enemy is in range of your weapon
Exploring the island you are on
Battle on a bridge
Lycaeum in Moonglow
Fighting a snake. If it attempts to run and you let it do so, you'll gain Compassion points
The throne room of Lord British. Here you level up, come back to life if you are defeated, and play poker with the king... maybe
behind the "Prison" shield there are some weird fields
Lord British might be an enlightened monarch, but the condition of his prison would terrify modern human rights activists
Ankh, the holy symbol of Ultima philosophy
Outside of Lord British castle
Fighting in a swamp area

NES version

Title Screen
Title screen (Japanese version)
Famous Ultima-style character creation
Lord British appears
World map
In a town
Going to the city
Talk with kid
First fight
Treasure chest
4:1? enemies should run. Hero is quite powerful.
In forest
River & bridge
Dead end
Time to kill!
Copyright. (Japanese Version)
Main Menu. (Japanese Version)
Adjusting the display Speed. (Japanese Version)
Name Input in HIRAGANA. (Japanese Version)
The famous Ultima-style Character Creation. (Japanese Version)
Lord British welcomes the player. (Japanese Version)

PC-88 version

Copyright screen
Title screen
The fair beacons you...
Character creation
Starting as a mage
Hey, I want a five-star hotel
Battle in the wilderness
What a weird place... monsters fighting each other...
Taking on a lonely python
Lord British's throne room
I thought LB was an enlightened monarch... so what's with the torture chambers?
Outside of LB's castle
Terrain specifications lead to different strategies during the battles

PC-98 version

Meeting Chuckles again
Title & copyright
The real title screen
Ahh, the magical beginning of one of the greatest games of all times... in Japanese :)
Hmm, hmm, what might that be
The fair
The gypsy woman
Character creation
Starting as a shepherd
Typical town
Treasure chests everywhere
Note the different dialogue interface in PC-98 version
Now I have Iolo, I'll just... err... wander aimlessly
Hey, don't fire slings at me!
Looks like I'm surrounded...
End of the world?..
Lord British's castle
Prisoners are being tortured. Way to go, "enlightened" monarch!
Outside of LB's castle
Britannia, city center
Now seas monsters... right
Dangerous demons and skeletons!
Now I have a ship! And pirates want it too!
Sea monsters in the sea, some horses on the land... okay...
Battle on a ship

SEGA Master System version

Orc Lightly Wounded
Title Screen
Main menu
Story 1
Story 2
Character generator
You start the game in different places depending on the answers you gave during character generation. This looks like Moonglow...
Sage Deli? Sounds like a nice place to stop by...
You don't have to type your answers: the common conversation topics are already available as a menu
The dangerously looking wizard attacks from the seaside
The enemy leaves a treasure chest behind
You are resting
You are trying to cross a bridge, but a troll stops you
Chatting with Lord British in his castle
You wouldn't want to end up in prison, would you? So be a nice Avatar!
The Seer will tell you how close you are to your Avatarhood. He is surrounded by sleep fields for some reason. Maybe he enjoys seeing people sleeping, I don't know
Chatting with Chuckie the jester. New conversation topics might appear in the menu
Outside of Lord British's castle
Mixing reagents to prepare the Cure spell
Your progress is slowed by those yellow fields
Battle screen is never the same, it always reflects the terrain you were walking on

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
There's a renaissance fair goin' on
Gypsy wagon
Start of the game
Trying to persuade these chaps to share their food
Got into a fight with two guards
Lord British's castle

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
You find a large book - the history of Britannia
Character creation
Skeleton chasing me as I try to get into that castle
Got into a fight with a pair of orcs
Empath Abbey, within these hallowed walls, wise men and women study the ancient writings of past Masters, and meditate upon the Great Principles that govern the universe
Player stats
Talking to Lord British

Windows version

Title screen
Title and main menu
Opening story
The gypsy gives you moral choices
I am a mage. I begin the game outside of the city of Moonglow.
I have entered Moonglow
I am at the healer in Moonglow
I tried to cross a bridge and now I have to fight a bridge troll
I defeated the bridge troll and now I have a treasure chest I can open
The treasure chest had a poison trap. I evaded that and got 64 gold.
Outside the castle called the Lycaeum
At the Britannia Observatory in the Lycaeum
In the throne room of the Lycaeum, with Lord Robert Frasier and Lady Beth Frasier.

Official Screenshots

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