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1993 Origin Catalog:
    Underworld II Labyrinth of Worlds

    This installment in the Underworld saga features the return of Ultima VII's Guardian, Thwarted in his efforts to subvert Britannia, he traps the worlds leaders, including the Avatar, within Lord British's castle. In seeking escape, players discover a portal to other worlds where they can solve the mysteries of the Guardian's trap and save Britannia. Ultima Underworld II features a larger view window, enhanced graphics, eight new dungeons, new terrain types, traps, puzzles and magic spells.

    Contributed by Zovni (10646) on May 04, 2001.

Unknown Source:
    To commemorate the defeat of the Guardian's forces one year ago, you (the Avatar) and the leaders of Britannia are invited to Lord British's castle for an evening of celebration. Suddenly, the Guardian strikes again, encasing the building in a gigantic blackrock gem. He offers the imprisoned heroes a simple choice: proclaim him ruler of all Britannia, or starve while his minions conquer the land.

    Seaching underground for an escape route, you discover a smaller version of the gem that surrounds the castle; and find that its facets are portals to other worlds. These worlds are also under the Guardian's domination, but with your help, the inhabitants may be able to throw off the evil titan's yoke. Time is running out, food and water are running low, and an agent of the Guardian is killing of the imprisoned heroes off one by one. You hold Britannia's fate in your hands once again.


    - Eight new worlds to explore - from fantastic castles to ice caverns, towers and alien realms

    - An expanded, more panoramic 3-D view window - 30% larger than before!

    - Larger, higher-resolution creature graphics with additional frames of animation for smoother, more lifelike movement.

    - New trap and puzzle types featuring animated, multi-level obstacles, moving terrain, pressure sensitive triggers and more!

    - Detailed, close-up portraits of scores of characters whose attittudes and actions vary based on your decisions.

    - New magical spells of unimaginable power - attack around corners with Deadly Seeker; bowl your enemies over with Shockwave; create deadly artifacts with Poison weapon!

    - Treacherous new terrain features with slippery ice and dangerous currents designed to challenge even the most experienced dungeon delver.

    - Unique screen save option allows you to capture any game screen - even your automap - as a .GIF file.

    - Full, dynamic, musical score with digitized speech and sound effects. (Sound Blaster or 100% compatible required for digitized speech).

    Contributed by Terok Nor (27026) on Jan 08, 2000.