Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds Screenshots

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DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Character generation with some important skills to consider
An old nemesis is back: The Guardian
The adventure begins. This is the Avatar's room
Talkin' to Lord British. 'S up... dude
Lord British's throne room with full details...
...and the same scene with low details
The first battle: Avatar vs. lowly bat 1:0
Not all the dialogues are dead serious...
Swimming could be relaxing, if it wasn't for the lurkers
This beautiful picture is what you see when the Avatar goes to sleep
Nice flower pots in the corridors. Lots of equipment acquired at this point. Nifty gadgets used, runes prepared for a spell. Practicing my sword moves
Viewing the rune menu, quaffing potions, and trying to use a lockpick on an innocent pixelated guard
This blackrock gem is the gateway to eight other worlds.
World 1: The Prison Tower. Outwit goblins
Swimming, trying to reach that hatch above, checking my health and mana. All cool. I'm still sane
The Avatar is cozily reading an interesting book while having no idea how to operate that switch and dial to solve a puzzle
World 2: Killorn Keep. Oriental market
Wow meow! This "trilkhun" - or whatever else you wish to call a glorified feline - doesn't seem too peaceful to me!.. Wait... Is that because I attacked first?..
You see, my Mommy never told me NOT to attack people with crazy magical staves. I'm weird that way
Hostile humans. Upset humans. We're all humans. Care to sit by the cozy fire, kind sir? And admire the photo of... the Guardian?!
Detecting traps, checking the time, and admiring the game's 3D architecture in this underground level of Killorn Keep
World 3: The Ice Caverns. Slide and fight
What you see is what you get. Laconic descriptions, bloody chunks of meet, and me standing there with an axe in my hand... Just put two and two together
World 4: Talorus. Alien bio-tech complex
Ouch... Weird, giant, reddish energy balls or whatnot in this alien realm. And to think I almost booked that vacation to Hawaii
World 5: The Scintillus Academy of Magic. Solve jumping puzzles
Uh-oh, this is worse than Yakutsk, Republic of Sakha. I feel so lonely in this deep blue water, with blue ice surrounding me...
World 6: Pits of Carnage. Gladiator battles in arenas
Very interesting graffiti in this gladiatorial fighting dungeon!..
World 7: The Tomb of Preacor Loth. A maze full of traps
This skeleton is a level boss -- it guards Preacor Loth's tomb
World 8: Ethereal Void. Colorful dreamworld
Ahh, Ethereal Void, Ethereal Void... How ethereal, how... void. The colors subside somewhat in this portion. It's more like a Yellow Void now... with a few textures here and there
Really? I don't sense it is currently mid-day. I don't sense anything in this weird place full of colored geometrical shapes and strange objects!..
Even in the cold Ethereal Void, you meet kind spirits...
...and not so kind ones
The excellent automap allows taking notes
This hordling has obviously has a bad day
Ahh, the sewers of Britannia. Sweet memories. Sweet... cheese
You've discovered a room full of weapons! Some are broken, but others are quite SERVICABLE...
You see a hostile reaper. Writes the status window
The Ultima-1-memorial-dungeon in the Ethereal Void
Ah! Treasure!

FM Towns version

Title screen
The Festival of Rebuilding is held at Lord British's castle
Main menu
Character creation screen
You start the game in Avatar's room
The options are in English