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Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The summoning - "...ominous clouds..."
The summoning
The journey - Shimmering blue door
The journey
The arrival - "...blinding streak of lightning..."
The arrival - Shadowlords
The story - Iolo
Start menu
Character generation introduction
Character generation question
Game start
A well
Battle with Orcs
After battle
Reading a poster
Torture chamber

Apple II version

Character creation: Intro
Character creation: your choices affect your starting stats.
Character creation: your choices affect your starting stats.
Outdoor travel.
Title Screen
Main Menu
Intro 1
Intro 2
Intro 3
Intro 4 - Same scene as the box cover
Map view
Sitting down for a snack.
Raiding the wine cellar.
Town entrance.
Tossin' back a few at the tavern.
Taking a nap in the wilderness.
Battle begins.
Aaaaah! Sea monster!
Yell FLIPFLOP outdoors, and this is what you'll see...

Atari ST version

Title screen
Three friends begin theirs journey
Character stats
It's dark and kind of depressive
Equipment list - in top right corner
Sea serpent in the distance
Battle time

Commodore 128 version

Done by Lord British
Title screen
Here it begins
Wandering around

Commodore 64 version

Origin Systems logo
Title screen
The lower part of the screen shows the Avatar's return to Britannia.
Main menu
Giant rats attack
Battle screen
Intro - a sign from Britannia?
Intro - the Shadowlords appear.
Outdoors. To the east, the castle of Lord British.
Talking to the innkeeper in the nearby town.
The perspective changes in the dungeons.
The battles, however, stay the same.

DOS version

Title screen (Introduction)
From the introduction
Outdoor exploration
Indoor Exploration - LB's Castle
Despise, a dungeon
The Summoning begins... note the poetic language of the description.
Shamino meets you when you arrive in Britannia.
Starting location: Iolo's hut
You'll have to learn how to read runic alphabet in order to succeed in Ultima V.
Monsters are clearly visible on the world map.
A battle begins. Looks like we're going to have the upper hand!
Sometimes defeated enemies leave you very good stuff. Like a fried chicken.
This is how navigation by night looks like. Beware of the poisonous swamp nearby!
While your party was eating grilled meat and sleeping, monsters have attacked you.
This gives you an idea about Blackthorne's ethical system.
If you die, you get resurrected by the ghostly Lord British.
The throne room looks so deserted without its rightful owner!
The effect of using a gem is one-time viewable area map.
A kingdom for a horse!
The famous spooky "an air of... surrounds thee" greeting. It means there's a Shadowlord inside the town.
Usual conversation with routine questions: Name and Job.
The trolls won't let you cross this bridge. Sorry, you've asked for that!
Out of nowhere, a mysterious moongate appears.
We are clearly outnumbered.
Title Screen (CGA)

FM Towns version

Title screen + Main menu
Unique additional intro for the FM Towns version
So, what do we do now?...
So the Avatar is Jewish :) I knew that :))
You are met by Shamino
Iolo explains the situation
Character creation
Starting at Iolo's hut
Note the detailed interiors
Hmm, Blackthorne has his own ideas about virtues...
Oooookay... need more entertainment?..
Relax, Avatar. Have a drink or something
Exploring the roof of Lord British's castle
Avatar is in prison...

PC-98 version

The Gypsy use two incense bowls, to show the appropriate symbols of the virtues of the questions in the smoke to determine the starting stats of the Avatar
Origin logo
Title screen
Hey, leave me alone, I wanna sleep :)
The famous Ankh, the symbol of the series
Avatar and Shamino are attacked by the Shadowlords
"Avatar, I have a great surprise for thee", - says Iolo. - "Suddenly everyone in Britannia speak JAPANESE!"...
Iolo's hut
Life of a farmer...
Wilderness. At least they have signs now...
Fighting trolls
Outside of Lord British's castle. My, talk about urban growth :)
Typical town entrance with Blackthorne's stupid virtues :)
Main square
It's hard to see anything from this angle...
Gimme a mug o' beer!
LB's castle
The sad-looking throne room...
Yikes, what are those?..
It's just me, the sea, and poison fields...
Ahh, the famous "push and shoot the cannon" scene
I'm so tired, I just wanna... sit down
Yay, science!

Sharp X68000 version

Meeting Dr. Cat in Paws!
In need of healing? There is one in Trinsic
Oh oh! The Shadowlord of Cowardice has arrived in Yew! Better watch out!
Chuckles welcome us in Lord British's Castle!
Title screen
Intro - Shadowlords appear
Character generation question
Game start
Exploring buildings
Battle outside
First person view in a dungeon
The resulting battle
Meeting Smith the Horse