Ultima VI: The False Prophet Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Watching TV at home.
A storm starts up outside.
Lightning strikes!
A red moon gate appears.
Entering the moon gate.
Title screen
Choosing a portrait for a new character.
The gypsy will help you make your character.
Starting the morality tests that will determine your character's nature.
All the questions have been answered and the potion is ready.
Proven ready for Ultima VI!
You start out about to be sacrificed by gargoyles.
Your old friends Shamino, Dupre and Iolo show up to rescue you. Shamino (in the middle) resembles Richard Garriott aka Lord British, the creator of Ultima.
Three gargoyles must be defeated by the throne.
Talking to Lord British.
Exploring the castle. Night time and darkness reduce your visibility.
Under the castle lies the sewers, the first dungeon in the game.
Looking at horses in the town of Britain. I don't currently have enough gold to buy one.
Crossing the drawbridge on the way back to the Castle of Lord British.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Avatar is bored
Picture on the wall - from Ultima V
I guess this means end of laziness
Sweet, sweet memories
Creating character
Battle with gargoyles
I need to pass this moat
Character stats

Commodore 64 version

The Avatar watching TV in the intro.
The main menu screen.
The character creation start screen.
The character creation gypsy woman.
The King's throne room and the game's starting point.
Poisoned in the wilderness outside the King's castle.
Kador has now a wolf appearance instead of a dog.
In the C64 Version of Ultima VI Smith the Horse is now a Cow!

DOS version

Origin Logo
Lord British Logo
The opening cinematic
The title screen
The game begins with you being attacked in Lord British's throne room!
What you pick here ULTIMAtely determines your character's "character"
Talking to the King
Finally, the Portal Door home.
Character Creation
Character Creation - The legendary gypsy wagon...
Dupre - Warrior, Traveller, Companion and Friend
Shamino - Ranger, Woodsman, Companion and Friend
Iolo - Bard, Storyteller, Bowman, Companion and Friend
Sherry - Cute, Cuddly, Mouse not Rodent, Companion and Friend

FM Towns version

Title screen + Main menu
Intro. Avatar is bored... nothing interesting on TV... :)
Am I called to Britannia again?..
Something is not right here
Character creation
The famous moral choices
The initial fight against the gargoyles in Lord British's throne room
Chatting with Iolo. Remember: in the FM Towns version, ALL dialogue is fully VOICED!
Hmm... nice decoration. Whaddaya think, Shamino?
House interiors have incredible detail
You can take whatever you see. But you'll lose karma if you steal!
There is no "world map" in Ultima VI. The huge world is completely seamless. We are in the wilderness already
The world of Ultima VI is not only huge - it is meticulously detailed. You can talk to anyone, and everyone have something interesting to say
Bartender... hic!!... gimme... a mug o' beer!!
FM Towns version can be played in Japanese, with Japanese voice acting. Which is, frankly, better than the English one! :)
Snowy mountains... how romantic...
It's night. The Avatar is lost in the deep forest...
Avatar and the party take on some mean-looking gargoyles near a Virtue Shrine

PC-98 version

The ones who have done the Production on the Original and the Japanese Version
Origin logo
You have to put in a stupid save disk. How annoying...
And now the proper title screen...
If your idea of entertainment is watching people shave on TV, no wonder you had no choice but become an Avatar
What the hell...
Gargoyles want to kill you. You forgive them in the end, though
A fight in Lord British's throne room
Typical detailed room
Nice colors!
Chatting with Shamino outside
Ahhh, I'm hungry...

Sharp X68000 version

When you first boot up the game you have to make a save disk
Main menu
Intro, notice the time displayed on the VCR, it's taken from your computer's clock
On the wall there's a poster from Ultima V
The intro is the same quality as the PC-98 version (also ported by Pony Canyon). Meaning less color than the DOS and FM Towns versions
Character creation, need to answer a few questions
Start of the game and immediately you're in combat with gargoyles
Talking to Lord British
There's a frame around the screen in this X68000 version, otherwise graphically it's identical to the PC-98 port

SNES version

Title screen
Enter a name for your character
Intro cutscene
The game begins with you being attacked in Lord British's throne room!
Battle menu
Inventory screen
The movement cursor
Choosing an enemy to attack
Receiving damage
Non battle menu
Having a conversation
The basic dialogue tree
You can talk with members in your party
You can look at objects
Objects can be taken
A ladder to a lower floor
Outside, by a river