UMS: The Universal Military Simulator Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Copy protection check.
Title screen with credits.
Menu screen. Select from the available scenarios.
Starting a new Gettysburg scenario.
Issuing movement orders to the troops.
The arrows indicate the movement direction.
Moving to surround Gettysburg.
There are three levels of map zoom. This is the extreme zoom in level.
Choosing whether the sides will be controlled by the computer or by humans.
The armies prepare to face off.
Firing ranged weapons such as artillery.
The Union artillery fires on the Confederates from atop a hill.
More artillery fire inflicts serious casualties.
Union infantry sends a Confederate unit into retreat.
You can view the equation behind the combat results.
The Confederates fire back.
Highlighting the map to zoom in.
The armies clash near the cemetary.
The battle is broken up into periods. New orders are issued to troops at the start of each period.
Command phase allows you to issue new orders to your troops.
The Confederates move to engage Union forces.
The red marks show where armies have engaged.
Things are not looking good for the Confederates.
The last of the Confederate artillery has been destroyed.
The map can be rotated to view the action from any of eight compass directions.
The final period begins with barely any Confederate troops left.
A single unit hangs on defiantly.
Union artillery crushes the last Confederate unit, winning the simulation.
Simulation statistics.
Additional simulations include Alexander versus Darius III at the Battle of Arbela.
The Battle of Hastings.
Marston Moor.
UMS includes tools to create your own simulations.
Creating a new map in the map editor.
Adding map features including woods and hills.
Designing a new unit type.
Unit roster.
Adding units to a new scenario.
Placing units on a scenario map.

Atari ST version

Title screen and main menu
Editing the landscape.
Landscape generator
Army editor
Scenario editor
Scenario editor, setting up the battlefield.
Selecting a scenario to play.
Zooming in.
A unit has been selected.
Giving move orders.
Zero, one or two players?
Deciding the computer's main strategy.
Oops, too far away to give artillery support.
Order of battle
Loading screen (high resolution)
Title screen and main menu (high resolution)
Playing a scenario (high resolution).

DOS version

Loading screen / Title Screen
Main menu
Playing a scenario
Start of Marston Moor Battle
Moving the units
Creating a custom map manually
Generating a random map
Creating a new army