U.N. Squadron Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Loading screen
Title screen
Choose your pilot
Mission briefing
Choose your equipment

Amstrad CPC version

Pilot Selection
Mission 1 Objective
Before each mission, select what weapons you will use, plus any protection
Mission 1
Shot down
Multi-rocket launchers
Mission 2 Objective
Mission 2
A large fighter jet
The stealth bomber
Mission 3 Objective
Mission 3
Air mines
The forest fortress
Mission 4 Objective
Mission 4
A military chopper heading straight for you
The carrier
Mission 5 Objective
Mission 5
Another huge fighter jet
The Bayson bomber
Mission 6 Objective
Mission 6
Ground-based missile
The missile launcher

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Select Player.
Mission 1.
Buying weapons.
Here comes the enemy.
There's a Power-Up.
Ground installations to blast.
End of level boss.
Destroyed it.
Well Done.
Mission 2.
High in the clouds.
Two planes to destroy.
End of level boss.
Bonus points.
Above the forest.
Keep blasting.
Title Screen (Japanese version)

Atari ST version

Title screen
Start menu
Choose your character and their vehicle.
Care to top up before you go?
Now we're flying!
The enemies come fast and furious.
Ow, they hit me!
Insert quarter to continue?
Boss fight
Beat the boss.
Level 2 introduction
Level 2
Level two returns my fire.
Game over!

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Pilot selection
The briefing for your first mission
You can buy weapons or a shield.
Destroying the first wave of helicopters.
Shooting at some anti-aircraft guns.
This huge tank is the level one boss.
A stealth bomber is our target for the next mission.
Starting the second mission.

SNES version

Intro: This is you the main character
Intro: Take off (you can see the Japanese title for the game on the runway)
Intro: Lift-off!
Title screen (Japanese version)
Title screen
Choose your character
This is the map from where you launch you attacks/counter-attacks
Choose your plane, if you have the money
Choose which extra weapons you want. Different planes hold different weapons
Blowing away some choppers
End-level boss for the first level
Not that tough, he's blown to bits
Attacking their air-force
They're looping back for an attack
A mid-level missile launching bad guy
End of level boss of their air-force - drop some bombs on his head
Victory roll on completion of the level
Attacking their navy submarine
Fighting over the desert
Mid-level chopper which is about to eat my missiles
Another air-force attack
Game Over, but you can continue
Stealth bombers, watch out for missiles and bombs
One of the last missions
F-200 Efreet in action

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen.
The story.
Title screen.
Choose your pilot.
The mission ahead.
The shop.
Let's go.
Blasting action.
Some helicopters to destroy
Anti-air gun
Boss fight
Mission 1 clear
Second mission
More enemies!
Second boss
Game Over