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    Two hundred years ago, your ancestors came from Earth to Axia, the central planet in a cluster of stars known as the Local Group. They traveled via Earth's prized Hyperspace Booster, a highly advanced relic capable of propelling matter through space in one thousand light year strides. Using the power of the Booster, Earth has continued to send spacecraft carrying her latest technological advances, trained personnel, and colonists.

    These shipments from Earth are strictly one way, for the Local Group has no Booster, and is unable to transmit messages back to Earth. For two hundred years, Earth has been dispatching spacecraft based only on her faith in the colonists' ability to survive. And the colonists, deep in space, have awaited the arrival of each expected spacecraft, firm in their belief that the ships would always come.

    Four months ago, the regularly scheduled ship did not arrive at Axia. What has happened to Earth? The entire colony has been caught in a wave of desperate concern and wild speculation, for without Earth's assistance, a technological deterioration will certainly ensure.

    Fifteen days ago, evidence of a second Hyperspace Booster, lost somewhere in the Local Group, surfaced. Discovery of this second Booster would mean a fortune for those who found it, and would renew contact with Earth; failure to find the Booster would mean the eventual destruction of the colonies. You and your colleagues have decided to search for it.

    Your search takes you through a multitude of star systems and planets, using true three dimensional flight, orbits, and orbital transfers. But your voyage will not be free. You must earn money to maintain spacecraft and crew. You will need to use your ship for passenger transport, mining, trading in exotic goods, or, for the desperate, piracy. You may need to defend yourself, for there are others who are eager for profit and power. You will have to construct the spacecraft most suited to your endeavor and decide what is needed to survive in deep space while contending with unknowns.

    This real time game, with hundreds of kilobytes of data, features intelligent enemy ships and total control of on-board facilities such as computers, high-resolution scanners, weapons, assault capsules, ore processors, orbital shuttles, rescue pods, and much more.

    Copyright (c) 1983 Omnitrend Software.

    Manufactured and printed in U.S.A.


    Contributed by Luckspeare (2427) on Sep 02, 2006.