UniverseContributed by Gerry B (2) on Oct 20, 2010.

I'm currently playing with the Win800Plus emulator, but this worked on the original machine, if I recall. You have to boot up the starport disk on the first drive and not use Start/Return when asked for the player disk. This will indicate to the emulator (game?) that you're playing with a single drive. Buy whatever you can afford or fit in your shuttle, load it in the shuttle, and as soon as you exit that screen and it tells you to insert the starport disk back in the drive, boot the startport disk instead of just attaching it. Proceed as before (single drive) and go straight to the seller's board and sell your booty from the loaders. You should find the stuff was essentially free, since you still have your original cash too.

Repeat til you have a nice sum (half a mil or so) head back to your ship and load up with plenty or ore as the amount included in your starting package won't fuel your shuttle for many trips. Come back down to the starport and do the whole thing over with a much larger starting investment and it will multiply that much faster. You can buy another shuttle or two (and the crew to man them) but I found one was enough if I was careful and bought only the less bulky large ticket items.

I had all the best stuff I could buy at the Axia drydock before I ever left there. If you find all that buying and selling a little tedious, this is the way to go.

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