Universe Hyperdrive noteContributed by Gerry B (2) on Oct 20, 2010.

If you used my cheat and now have all the cash you need, get to the next higher sophistication star system you can reach (probably Vromus.) If you're finding your hyperdrive balky there are a couple things to check.

You should have the 2 mil capacity ore storage and have it filled with ore. Get the best converter and accumulators available there (Axia) also. Make sure you get the maximum number of accumulators you can fit in your ship (24 if I recall.) If you don't have a hefty enough accumulator bank your drive won't do its maximum listed jump.

One thing the manual doesn't make clear is how to go to star systems beyond your hyperdrive's jump range. They tell you the manual coordinates are for this (at the top of the hyperdrive star chart screen), but they imply the drive will just do it. If you pick a system and Select it, the star map will indicate how far the jump is. If it's beyond the range of one jump, you have to manually enter the coords for some point in between. Do this by simply adding or subtracting numbers to the three coords or your current location that bring those numbers closer to the coords of the target system. You can distribute the additions and subtractions more or less evenly or just do one (or two) of them to the max your drive range will allow. After a few of these you'll get a feel for the numbers.

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