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The Unorthodox Engineers: The Pen and the Dark Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Credits, copyrights and legal info
Title screen and credits
You start on the flight deck of a space scudder.
I read the letter
Looking at the voucher.
Ithica Customs Control. Please answer the required questions to be allowed to disembark.
You are cleared to disembark.
Exiting the ship at the Ithica Spaceport.

ZX Spectrum version

After the publishers logo comes the credits and legal stuff. This displays for quite a while as the game continues to load
The start of the game
So far so good. There do not appear to be any graphics in this game
All commands must be in capitals. lower case or a mixture is not recognised
There may be no pictures but efforts have been made to make the text exciting