Advertising Blurbs

Back of Case - PlayStation 2 (UK):


    2341: brutality is a way of life and bleeds through
    the dark cracks of society, threatening the power
    of the ruling corporations. Thy must seek a way to
    placate the masses - a profitable way...

    Gladiatorial combat is the answer. Slaking the mob's thirst for
    bloodshed, it provides a method of being rid of the so-called
    troublemakers who threaten the corporate elite.

    The Tournament is born - a fight to the death broadcast galaxy-wide!

    To win freedom, fame and glory, you must survive using strength,
    cunning and speed... or die.

    Fight alone or command a team against relentless warriors all sharing the same goal:

    To survive the many arenas, face the Grand Champion
    ...and defeat him.

    Winner of multiple PC game of the year awards!
    Over 50 stunning levels - including deserted space stations, gothic
    cathedrals and graffiti-covered urban ruins.
    Four adrenaline-soaked game types - Deathmatch, Capture the Flag,
    Assault and Domination provide non-stop edge-of-your-seat action.
    Intense multiplayer competition in 2, 3 and 4-player split screen mode.
    Merciless computer-controlled opponents displaying
    unnerving/intelligence and aggression.
    Enhanced user-interface and controls - playable with
    compatible USB Mouse and Keyboard.

    Contributed by TechSmurfy (918) on Jun 21, 2012.

Advertisement in PC Games, May 1999 (German):



    Einer der erfolgreichsten 1st-Person-Shooter ist zurück. 'Unreal Tournament' setzt neue Maßstäbe im Single- und Multiplayer-Bereich. Computergesteuerte Bots erlauben Dir Multiplayer-Spiele wie 'Capture the Flag', 'Assault' oder 'Domination' ohne Online-Kosten! Stelle einfach Dein Team zusammen - und los geht's. Aber auch im Netzwerk sind alle Kombinationen von Bots und menschlichen Mitspielern möglich. Nutze die neuen, gewaltigen Waffensysteme und Deine Gegner haben nicht die geringste Chance. Über 30 speziell entwickelte Level erwarten Dich.


    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Jan 29, 2005.

Back of Case - PlayStation 2:
    Welcome to the Gladiator BloodSport of the Future!

    "The PlayStation 2 version of Unreal Tournament looks awesome...the game simply zips." -

    The time has come to prove you are the best. You and your team of "bots" (virtual teammates) face off in first person against the deadliest warrior bots in the galaxy for the title of Unreal Grand Master. Challenge your friends to the most spine-rattling combat ever seen on a PlayStation 2.

  • REALITY BENDING graphics and speed, designed to take full advantage of your PlayStation 2 technology.
  • See why Unreal Tournament has won multiple GAME OF THE YEAR awards
  • Over 50 LEVELS OF MAYHEM, each one a 3D world of its own; a pirate ship, Egyptian tombs, submarines, speeding trains, space castles and much more
  • Take on bots or humans in FOUR game types: Capture the Flap, Assault, Domination, and DeathMatch
  • Intense multiplayer action in 4-PLAYER and 2-PLAYER split-screen mode; hook systems together with i.LINK
  • TEN WEAPONS OF DESTRUCTION - including the Pulse Blaster, the Chainsaw, the Rocket Launcher, and the Impact Hammer (pounds your opponents into mush)
  • BOTS SO REAL YOU'LL SWEAR THEY'RE HUMAN - bots can take commands, choose the best weapon, and guide you throughout the game
  • ENHANCED user interface and controls - playable with compatible USB keyboard and mouse

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69382) on Jan 28, 2003.

From EGM Magazine:
    Unreal Tournament's fast and furious, single and multiplayer experience comes to life on Playstation 2 computer entertainment system and Sega Dreamcast. Lead your team of virtual teammates against the deadliest gladiators in the galaxy. Mind-blowing realistic 3D graphics. High-octane gameplay. Totally Unreal combat action.

    Just be sure not to lose your head.

    Contributed by Kartanym (12786) on Apr 23, 2002.

Inside Flaps (U.S./Canada):
    FOUR MAJOR GAME TYPES including DOMINATION. Your team earns points for controlling locations scattered on the map. Play team games in single player mode by including incredibly skilled virtual opponents or teammates ('bots') who know how to play the game and how to work for you or against you for an exciting single player contest like no other!

    ASSAULT. It's all about teamwork as you and your team attack or defend gorgeously detailed bases. You'll get a clear list of objectives so you know exactly what to do. Seven exciting Assault environments including a high-speed train, a naval frigate, a futuristic station in the ocean floor, a D-Day like beachfront attack and more!

    CAPTURE THE FLAG: just like you used to play as a kid...only now you have Rocket Launchers and ASMD Shockrifles. Give orders to your bots or human teammates (e.g. hold a position, cover me, get the flag, or defend).

    DEFEND: Online or off, with bots or humans, this is adrenalized 3D action at its most pure. Taunt your opponents and cheer your team at the click of the mouse or by typing on a keyboard.

    Spine-rattling action online or off. Team games can include any combination of bots or humans. Network or Internet games can be configured to start off with bots and remove them one by one as human opponents join in to ensure the action never stops. "Mutators" allow you to customize games to your own fragadelic taste! Whether you have 5 minutes to play or 5's never the same game twice!

    Comprehensive tutorial levels. Never played a multiplayer game before? Too intimidated to go online? No problem. Every game type comes complete with a voice-narrated Tutorial Level to ensure you know what to do before you begin your blood ascent of the Tournament Ladder.

    Single player mode starts you off customizing yourself and your bot team from one of 300 possible combinations of skins, models, and skill levels. You and your team must fight your way through progressively harder competitions with different game types against the fiercest bots in the galaxy. Play practice sessions using any level in the game with up to 16 bots!

    Rampage through 50 levels with jaw-droppingly gorgeous graphics and high-resolution textures that set a new standard for 3D action games. Supports the latest 3D accelerators using Direct3D, OpenGL, Glide and S3 Textures Compression. Unreal Tournament features high-performance software rendering that DOES NOT REQUIRE A 3D ACCELERATOR CARD.
    Also includes 3D audio support using EAX, A3D and DirectSound. A treat for your eyes and ears!

    Detailed game statistics can be viewed in your web browser after each match - whether single-player or multiplayer. See how you did against individual opponents, find your most efficient weapon, check category leaders, pick-ups utilized, and much more. Want to see how you rank against the world? Log your stats globally through NGWorldStats web site. Set your web browser to for details.

    Getting in the game is easy. The entire user interface is Windows-familiar and friendly. An Internet game is just a few mouse clicks away. Configuring Unreal Tournament to your exact personal specifications is a breeze.

    More than 10 awesome weapons of destruction. Like the REDEEMER - your personal cruise missile launcher. Fire a missile and then guide it to your target through the missile's video eye. The hydraulic-powered IMPACT HAMMER is great for pounding your enemies to mush. Try out the TRANSLOCATOR - great for telefragging opponents and teleporting to a new location. We've upped the boom factor on all the weapons to give you the maximum feel and firepower.

    Contributed by JPaterson (9551) on Feb 16, 2002.

Back Of Box (U.S./Canada):
    "* * * * *... this game has it all."
    - Incite PC Gaming

    Welcome To The New Team Sport Of Extreme Gamers
    A new kind of single player experience. A ruthless multiplayer revolution.

    A white-knuckle SINGLE PLAYER experience like no other! Guide your team of configurable 'bots' (virtual teammates) against the deadliest gladiator bots in the galaxy and become the Unreal Grand Master.

    The most spine-rattling online and offline MULTIPLAYER action ever. Take on bots and/or humans in new games like CAPTURE THE FLAG, ASSAULT, DOMINATION and new DEATHMATCH variations that DO NOT REQUIRE INTERNET ACCESS.

    With 50 LEVELS OF BATTLE, each one a work of art. A galleon ship, Egyptian tombs, submarines, speeding trains, space castles and much more! Playable online or offline in single player and multiplayer modes. These levels raise the standard of 3D action environments.

    REALITY BENDING graphics and sound. With high-resolution textures and painstakingly detailed game worlds. Supports the latest 3D accelerators but DOES NOT REQUIRE A 3D ACCELERATOR CARD!

    All-new and enhanced BIG-BODY COUNT WEAPONRY guaranteed to send giblets flying! More than 10 weapons - each with dual modes of fire - are at your disposal.

    Take CONTROL of the game. Train for combat in NOVICE mode and use voice-narrated TUTORIAL LEVELS. Go HARDCORE for more speed, more damage, and way more intensity.

    Easy to set up and play! Whether you're a seasoned VETERAN of online gaming or the newest of NEWBIES, Unreal Tournament's familiar, mouse-driven interface will have you up and playing in a matter of minutes.

    Contributed by JPaterson (9551) on Feb 16, 2002.

    One of the most highly acclaimed PC titles arrives on the console for the first time ever - be prepared because this one's so hot, it might melt your TV screen!

    When Unreal Tournament made its debut, it received untold adulation for its gameplay design, advanced AI and stunning graphics. Things can only go one step further on PS2. The game is basically a 3D shooter, but you can expect to see a whole host of unexpected features in the PS2 version. For example, the multi-player modes can be played with computer-controlled AI (or 'bots') or with other friends (either through player split screen, or with four PS2s hooked up via i-Link).

    The Liandri Mining Corporation has made its fortune by hosting tri-cast fights but as the popularity of these contests grows so does the brutality. And now that "consentual murder" has been legalised, the "Professional League" has been formed, made up of the most violent and skilled warriors who gather to take part in the "Grand Tournament". You play one of the warriors selected to fight in this vicious extravaganza, but your opponent is the deadly unknown quantity who goes by the name of Xan Krigor. No one has ever seen his true form as he always battles in a cybernetic shell, but one thing is definitely known about him: he is one formidable fighter.

    Rise to the occasion and steal the "Grand Tournament" title from Xan - then you too will know how it feels to be an undisputed champion . . .

    Contributed by Grant McLellan (623) on Sep 11, 2001.

Box Cover Back (US):



    A SINGLE PLAYER experience like no other! Guide your team of 'bots' (virtual teammates) against the hardest criminals in the galaxy and become the Unreal Grand Master.

    Over 35 UNIQUE arenas torqued by the Unreal engine - a Nall galleon ship, Egyptian tombs, submarines, speeding trains, floating castles and more!

    The most comprehensive and challenging ONLINE MULTIPLAYER experience ever - take on 'bots' and humans in new games like Capture the Flag, Assault, Domination, and new Deathmatch variations.

    Take CONTROL of the game. Train for combat in Novice mode. Go Hardcore for more speed, more damage and way more intensity.

    All-new and enhanced BIG-BODY COUNT WEAPONRY designed to send gibbets flying!

    Design your own teammates with completely CONFIGURABLE BOTS so smart, you'll swear they are human!

    Wether you're a NOVICE or a HARDCORE 3D shooter - the tournament you've been waiting for has arrived.

    Contributed by MAT (186091) on Jul 17, 2001.