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Unreal Tournament Screenshots

User Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Main menu.
Loading screen.
Character selection.
UT on the Dreamcast experiences FPS drops every now and then, but it runs smoother than the PS2 port.
"Deck 16", one of the most iconic maps in the Unreal series.

Linux version

Fragged Myself (OpenGL)
Flag Captured (OpenGL)
Team Member Down (OpenGL)

PlayStation 2 version

Main Menu
A number of players to choose from.
You can choose the difficulty level.
There are five different games to play.
Deathmatch loading screen
Darhl has found a shield and will not give up easily.
Blake was blown to pieces with the help of a rocket launcher.
Domination loading screen
In Domination, you must capture up to three areas and hold them for a certain amount of time.
Oh it burns!
An area about to be taken over.
Looks like Malcom is in some trouble.
Once you die, you will respawn somewhere immediately.
Capture the Flag loading screen
Anything else I need to read?
Score a point by bringing the enemy's flag back to your flag.
Oooo, so high!
I think I will be taking the stairs next time.
Assault loading screen
A couple team members who like to follow aimlessly until they are obliterated.
The minigun is a great weapon of choice.
Looks like I'm a little outnumbered.
Bring out the chainsaw for an extra bloody good time!
Don't stay underwater too long, or your health decreases.
Challenge loading screen
In this Challenge, you must defeat Rampage.
Sniping brings lots of joy!
Head Shot!!
Rampage with invisibility shield.
It's not the best idea to fall off any level with a drop off.

Windows version

Main menu
Testing the bio rifle ...
Game menu
This is the minigun.
The redeemer in action
Redeemer in remote control (alt fire)
Attacking the train.
I'm going to get her.
Seems to hurt ...
Head shot
The second head shot variant (of three) - with the Ripper
Gibs flying!
Uh oh
A Shock Core explosion - igniting a shock core (alt-fire) with the shock beam (primary fire) - what a mess by the way.
End of match
Every game mode has its own tutorial (Here, tutorial for Domination mode).
Capture the flag - Tutorial
You cannot kill what you did not create.
Playing a CTF game with InstaGib mutator - one hit from the red rays and you're dead.
The good old "Monster Kill" (at least 5 kills in a row during a short time interval) - this is rather hard to accomplish in a 32 player InstaGib game.
It's Eddie from Iron Maiden!
CTF Facing Worlds - Win
Players who are able to finish a game mode are champions forevermore.
Waiting for the next victim...
An industrial setting and a Big F(censored) Gun... Is there anything else you can ask for?
Celebrating Victory :)
Sniper vol 2.
I see.. double kill ;)
You cannot escape
Flying rocket
Die now! . Hahaha!
Another enemy to kill. I must go to control point...
waiting for lift.
Blood shot in arm
I miss him!
(3bullets in back) -Suprise!
Team kill. Good work
Shoot in the wall
Where you are going? Die here!