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MacintoshElectric Playground (Dec 01, 1998)
When I got my copy of The Untouchable, I knew that it would require a game pad. The publisher had suggested to me that the Gravis Game Pad works best with The Untouchable and so I went searching for one. I had to scour every Macintosh retailer in the entire city until I finally found one measly Game Pad stuck in the back corner of one of the stores. I guess if anyone else in Vancouver buys The Untouchable and wants a Game Pad they will be out of luck. I got the only one. The problem isn't solved though, because what if I want to have a two-player battle? My G3 only has one ADB port and the Game Pad manual says that I can only use one Game Pad per ADB port. Sigh!
MacintoshMac Gamer (1999)
The bottom line is that The Untouchable is not the blockbuster its marketing attempted to make it become. Some may be disappointed with its graphics and gameplay. It is, however, a title that Creative Edge put a lot of hard work into, and, in the opinion of this reviewer, it is a decent game. It is not, however, the great commercial game that people had expected. Had it been distributed as shareware, it probably would have gained higher acclaim, but Creative Edge tried to make it out to be something it wasn't and lost a lot of potential fans in the process. Perhaps The Untouchable 2 will offer better gameplay and graphics.
MacintoshmacHOME (1998)
In the end, The Untouchable proves to be one of those games that you’ll load up only for the occasional time-killing session. Martial artists will revel in the game’s true-to-life simulation, bur hard-core fighting aficionados will be sorely disappointed in the lack of story and gameplay. The only hope in this otherwise lackluster game is its sequel, currently being developed by Creative Edge, which promises to be much better. I certainly hope so.
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Oct 17, 2000)
Старикан MK еще даст фору паре десятков своих писюковых “конкурентов”. Конечно, вряд ли в скором времени мы сможем на своих третьих "пнях" с "джифорсами" поиграть в нечто близкое Soul Calibur или Dead or Alive 2, но надеяться на это необходимо. А вот такие портированные с "мака" пародии на качественные файтинги надо гнать с PC поганой метлой. Чтобы другим неповадно было. Отстой. 12 злобных раз.
WindowsComputer Games Magazine (Nov 11, 2000)
If this game was entry #70 on a "100 Awesome Games for Windows 95/98" CD that you bought at a garage sale for fifty cents, you'd still feel a little ripped off. As a full-priced, stand-alone product, it's an embarrassment to everyone involved in the attempt to charge you money for it. Thanks to the magic of console emulation, PC owners have access to a virtually limitless variety of the world's best fighting games. Why the creators of The Untouchable thought you'd be willing to pay for the worst will forever remain a mystery.