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Urban Strike Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title Screen
Mission Setup
Campaign 1 Map
Destroy this Visitor Center
Rescue a co-pilot
Oil Rig Heli-Pad
Rescue Chopper
Foot Mission
Mexican Village (Super Game Boy)

Game Gear version

Mission 1
The game's story takes place in 2001
Intro: We're called during out holiday
Hawaii campaign
There are different co-pilots to choose from and for everyone there's a short profile.
Over the sea ...
Fight on the beach
The boat shoots back

Genesis version

Title Screen
Developer Screen 1
Developer Screen 2
Blowing up buildings in Hawaii
Transfer Choppers
Chasing Down Trucks
Proceeding on Foot
Clearing out an off-shore oil rig
Intro: Malone's Evil Hide Out.
Intro: Street view.
Intro: The Strike Team needs your help once again!
Intro: Another one of Malone's speeches.
Mission map.
One of the Mission Objectives.
Hawaii - A friendly pilot has been shot down on the beach.
Picked up Legal.
Landing zone.
Completed a mission.
We learn Malone's true identity.
Baja - taking off.
Baja - Coast.
Baja - Rescue the passengers from the sinking cruise ship.
Game Over.
Mexico - Taking off from base.
Mexico - Take out the enemy vehicles.
San Fransisco - Save the Golden Gate Bridge.
Alcatraz Map.
Alcatraz - Enemy blue prints on the table.
Las Vegas - This is a night mission.
Las Vegas - Flying around the city.
Casino - VIP info.
Casino - The VIP is being held hostage in there.
Casino - Hostage situation. Rescue the VIP.
Casino - Shuttle.
Riding the shuttle to Malone's secret base.
Malone's Underground Base.
Malone's Underground Base - Command center.
New York City.
New York City - The Twin Towers have just been hit!

SNES version

Title Screen
Intro. Yeah, sure.
Tony Barnes, is that you?
Main menu.
Outside your HQ
Map of the area
A boat to destroy
Destroying in the jungle
A huge armoured boat
Campaign #2 - Baja Oil Rigs.
Mission briefing.
Campaign #6 - San Francisco.
Meanwhile in Alcatraz.
New York...
Badass Matsumoto.
Las Vegas.
Game over screen.