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Vandal Hearts Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title Screen
Attacking a Clay Golem
Eleni and Huxley join the party
Chapters begin with individual queue screens.
The world map
Town options
Thieves attack
Overhead map - the party is outnumbered
While the bridge slowly collapses, Eleni casts a spell on a poisonous bat
This creature can raise the terrain and spawn arms that can paralyze the party members
When friendly units stand next to a target, their "support" increases the damage
In taverns, you can talk to civilians and sometimes receive rare items
The villagers are under a spell, destroy the statues, but spare the villagers
At level 10 and 20, characters can choose a new class
When you find keys, special challenges become available at the dojo
Phase Shift, one of the most powerful spells mid-game. Use with care if you have a weak stomach.

SEGA Saturn version

Title screen.