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Working Designs website:
    In a world where mythology and technology are one, a young man and his motley crew of friends are unwillingly drawn into a holy war being waged by a bloodthirsty general and his army of darkness. Join the charismatic Bastion as he realizes his destiny to lead the rebellion against the Junaris Kingdom: and to save the people of his world from an eternity of oppression!

    Lead massive squadrons of robotic warriors into battle and take complete command of their actions. Smite your foes with cleaving swords, piercing spears, and sizzling magical spells. Use the wide variety of landscapes to your advantage and maneuver your forces into superior battle positions. Witness the results of your tactical decisions in glorious 3D polygonal animation! With almost 60 missions and five unique endings, your social life will disappear without a trace. Slay the bad guys and save the kingdom!

    Detailed Strategy/RPG gameplay!

    Almost 60 missions!

    Five unique endings!

    Fully-animated 3D hand-to-hand combat!

    8 Hour Lunar 2 Demo Disc Included!

    Contributed by Stillman (7619) on Jul 23, 2004.