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Vapor Trail Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Select Your Fighter!
Into Battle.
Shoot the tanks.
Trip to the park.
Planes have joined the attack.
A power-up.
Destroy it.
Nice weapon.
Destroyed it.
Cloud Cover.
Flying up a building site.
End of level boss.
Keep blasting.
Mission1 completed.
Over the desert.
Avoid the flames.
Flying over an airfield.

Genesis version

Intro cut-scene
Title screen
Main menu
Select a plane.
Using the invulnerability move.
Various enemies
Flying above a parking lot.
Tons of tanks
A boss
The turret separates from the tank.
Tank destroyed.
Fighting helicopters.
Another boss
Mission complete.
Flying over the desert.
The screen can get really crowded.
Continue screen
Game over
Two players in action