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Vapor TRX Credits

54 people (33 developers, 21 thanks)

Blue Shift, Inc.

Game DesignDave Ralston
Game ProgrammingBob Flanagan, John Salwitz
ProgrammingJohn Brooks, Kevin Shapiro, Doug Snyder
OperationsBecky Liu
Vehicles Will Noble
Playfield ArtLynne Gura, Adalbert Mlak, K. C. Murphy
Interface DesignRaul Dominguez
Additional ArtGil Valadez

Atari Games

ProducerRob Rowe
Executive ProducerMark Stephen Pierce
AudioStephen Geering, Michael Henry, John Paul, Universal Sound
Hardware DesignSteve Correll, Andrew Dyer, John Lowes, Ross Shaffer
TechnicianDarrell Robinson
ProgrammingMike Albaugh, Forrest Miller, Dave Shepperd
Design ServicesPeter Dorn, Mark Gruber, Mark Hoendervoogt, Stevie Landaverde, Rick Meyette, Ralph Perez
Special ThanksGregory Allen, Derryl Depriest, Nick Ehrlich, Brent Englund, Mary Fujihara, Karen Jefferson, Tom Keil, Mark Meyers, Pete Mokris, Randall Ng, Masao Ohata (as Maso Ohata), Evelyn Perez, Jeff Peters, Betty Purcell, Jackie Sherman, Elaine Shirley, Peter L. Takaichi, Mike Taylor, Don Thomas, Tram Vu, Dan Van Elderen

Other Games

In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

Rob Rowe, 51 other games
Will Noble, 35 other games
Mike Albaugh, 33 other games
Mark Stephen Pierce, 27 other games
Bob Flanagan, 26 other games
Nick Ehrlich, 25 other games
John Brooks, 24 other games
Dan Van Elderen, 20 other games
Stephen Geering, 19 other games
Doug Snyder, 19 other games
John Paul, 18 other games
Michael Henry, 17 other games
John Salwitz, 17 other games
Randall Ng, 15 other games
Steve Correll, 15 other games
Mark Meyers, 15 other games
John Lowes, 14 other games
Pete Mokris, 14 other games
Jeff Peters, 14 other games
Masao Ohata, 13 other games
Gil Valadez, 13 other games
Mark Gruber, 12 other games
Mary Fujihara, 12 other games
Derryl Depriest, 12 other games
Lynne Gura, 12 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Electric Boogaloo (791)