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Vengeance of Excalibur Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro animation reveals a castle in moonlight.
Title Screen.
Game menu.
The prologue.
Artifacts have been stolen from Camelot!
Choose four knights to undertake the journey.
Sailing to the Iberian coast.
The large map view.
Trading with a merchant.
Party statistics.
A messenger seeks out Lancelot.
Traveling on the map.
A gypsy camp.
The gypsy will tell your fortune if you pay her enough gold.
The battle screen.
The party is defeated.
The end.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Selecting knights
Time to make a choice
Talking with the Händler
Party status
Moving on the map
Large map

DOS version

Title screen
If you got to like Constantine in the first game, you're in for a disappointment.
Your band of knights prepares to board a ship bound for Spain.
After landing in the town of Bayonne.
The map overview
This will be England's fate, should you fail in your quest!
Meeting a monk.
Hiring Sir Roland.
Talking to a pilgrim.
Speaking with a gypsy.
A basque blocking the road.
Map: attacking the basques.
Battle against basques
Meeting Diego Garcia.
Dwarf cave
Duke Lupo offering his services.
Church bell quest
Leper speaking.
Reaching the hospice.
Encountering a genie.
Fighting a Saracen.
Slaying a dragon.
Battling against a wizard.