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Nukewar Screenshots (VIC-20)

User Screenshots

VIC-20 version

Title screen
Starting a new game
You can build one base and also spy to reveal enemy city and base locations or you can build two bases.
War is declared, ending the weapons build up phase of the game.
The USA calls to negotiate.
But there will be no negotiation. Missile destinations are prepared.
Enemy ICBMs are inbound!
Bombers and submarines will reach their destination after a random number of turns. Once they do, they can launch missiles and drop bombs.
The map shows much nuclear devastation. The USA calls again to negotiate.
The war is over.
A minor victory. Was it worth the cost?
Nuclear accidents can happen and destroy one country tile.
If the cold war lasts until 1970 you can build anti-ballistic missile (ABM) bases. These shoot down incoming ICBMs and bombers before they destroy their targets.
This time peace lasts until 1980, allowing for much larger weapons and defense build up.
Ten ABMs are available to help stop incoming nukes.
The damage is bad on both sides and a call goes out to negotiate.
Cities destroyed and a tie declared. A strange game, perhaps the only winning move is not to play?