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Ultima: Escape from Mt. Drash (VIC-20)

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Written by  :  Pix (1220)
Written on  :  Jun 05, 2008
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Without the Ultima brand on it, this game would be justly long forgotten.

The Good

You can finish the game on your first attempt.

The Bad

This is one of the single worst games I've ever played. The Ultima name was slapped onto it without Lord British's knowledge and it's the only reason I suffered my way through.

The game involves navigating through 15 mazes from the bottom right corner to the top left. On the way you may have to collect gems from the other 2 corners and fight a few monsters. The maze is shown in a 3D view, and also a map view. The 3D view is nearly useless since it doesn't show monsters or gems. In fact you don't even know if you have picked up a gem or not since the game doesn't show you.

If you do run into a monster, another window at the bottom of the screen comes into play, which has ASCII like graphics of you and the monster. Combat basically consists of pressing the parry and thrust keys as fast as possible until its dead and is so easy I only ever died once.

There's also a few spells you can cast, the only one of which I used blasts through walls and you need it on the last level of the game.

The Bottom Line

It's got Ultima in the title so I had to play it. There is a reason this title is so rare though - no one wanted to buy it in the first place. Unless you have to play every one, then avoid at all costs.