Written by  :  Olivier Masse (450)
Written on  :  May 13, 1999
Platform  :  DOS
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A futuristic scenario presented with an old game engine

The Good

The scenario itself was quite fun. You were working as an investigator in New York for aliens named Orbs. The gaming interface required no keyboard input and showed that you could actually play adventure games without typing up every command. It probably served as a precursor to King's Quest V's interface.

If I remember right, the manual was really cool, it was in fluorescent yellow and consisted as a book prepared by the Orbs for human investigators.

The Bad

This, along with Manhunter 2, was one of the last games made with Sierra's adventure game interpreter. This means that there was no sound card support (Editors's note: There was additional 3-voice sound if you had a PCjr/Tandy) and low resolution graphics. Back in 1989, many games (including some from Sierra) started supporting sound cards and the EGA, so I guess this one looked pale compared to other high tech games released back then. The graphics were nice, but they would have been a lot better in 320x200.

The Bottom Line

If you liked the movie Escape from New York, you'll defintely like this game, as it recreates the same atmosphere in the Big Apple. It shows a lot of New York landmarks either destroyed or occupied by aliens. Working for the vilians is also very fun!