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Written by  :  Roger Wilco (1183)
Written on  :  Mar 03, 2003
Rating  :  4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars

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Now, this game is really p(f)unny! ;)

The Good

The graphics in this adventure game like most of the old adventure games from Legend are impressive. I believe, the cut-scenes even have real-life digitized characters (Mortal Kombat style). I played the disk version, so I have no idea how good the voice acting is (I plan to play the CD version sometime). The background music is very atmospheric and absolutely wonderful, perfect for this kind of fantasy game. The music even changes with each location, so thankfully I didn't get to hear the same repetitive tune all the time e.g. like in the disappointing, Prisoner of Ice. The plot/storyline is very unsual indeed, maybe because it's based on the book (which I haven't read). I enjoyed the puns immensely, although I gather from other reviews, some people didn't. Oh well, we can't keep everyone happy. Can we? I couldn't help laughing at puns such as Censorship, Com-Pewter, hotdog etc. At one stage, I even felt like 'kicking the bucket', which I couldn't catch. Get it? The characters are memorable, especially Nada Naga, Grundy Golem and the troll. I enjoyed poking fun at grundy golem during the game's beginning.

The Bad

As the game's title shows I had to choose a character to be my companion on the quest to save Xanth. Actually, Nada Naga is the only companion that can be chosen. When I tried to select the others (one by one), the game ends even before Dug (my character) leaves the cave. I guess, the other characters were just there to fool me. Well, I was happy to have Nada Naga as a companion anyway (who was my first choice, honest!). As I mentioned before, the troll was a memorable character for me, that's because he was such a nuisance! At a certain point of the game, he forces Dug to solve several puzzles. I think one of them was with match sticks. This was bad news for me, because the walkthrough I had didn't have a solution to these puzzles, so I actually had to do them on my own! Horror of horrors, don't you agree? ;) Sometimes, the humour in this game can be inappropriate for young players, including some of the cut-scenes. So, parents keep your kids away and teens take notice. ;)

The Bottom Line

This is a typical point n' click adventure game by Legend, but with a unique plot. The story goes as such, two mundanes (earthlings) called Dug and Kim play a game against each other, without knowing that they are pawns in a wager of two demons, that will decide the fate of the land of Xanth. Dug has to make sure that he wins, otherwise Xanth becomes a land without magic just like our Earth (gasp!). We get to control Dug, who doesn't believe in magic (that's why he looks like a computer screen in the land of Xanth). Poor Dug also plays the game to win a bet with his best friend, who plans to date his girlfriend as a prize. Overall, it's a thoroughly enjoyable and amusing fantasy game like none other.