Written by  :  Sam Hardy (82)
Written on  :  Jun 28, 2001
Platform  :  DOS
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Darker and even more brooding....

The Good

It is much better than the first, more deaths (The first is from when you land your ship on some poor bystander) better plot, same old crappy sound, new detailed locations.

Story: After crashing in San Fran after pursuing the bad guy off Manhunter:New York, you are contacted to investigate murders. People are being attacked by something that seems to be a beast. A cult and the last bad-guy of the previous manhunter also add to the great involving story

Gameplay: More interactive than before. You use the inventory to a greater scale and can now interact with objects a bit more. Arcade parts are in the game with a scaling difficulty setting. The same look, watch and listen is added, but with a twist. Break that beaker that is important, you still continue but with different results in the game. The puzzles are bloody hard with the "Bat Vomit" on the door being one of the more puzzling. The gory death scenes are still in.

Sound: Usual bleeps and blips.

Graphics: Same as the last game, only fresher.

The Bad

The puzzles are VERY hard, the game is best with two people. the arcade parts are annoying after a while, and some things just don't make sense.

The Bottom Line

Get it, it is worth it. But be prepared for long nights with a cup of coffee.