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User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Blast the ships.
Gun turrets to destroy.
Bigger ship to blast.
Open the gates.
Find the gap.
Needs destroying.

FM Towns version

Title screen
Getting started
These guys look pretty harmless
Lots of different enemy types here
You have to shoot the switches, not the gates themselves!
Complex pathways
The first boss battle
Stage clear!
Funny fish in this stage
I don't understand how he can survive without water
They finally got me...

Genesis version

Title screen
Special attack
Attacking a large ship.
Opening a wall.
Charging my weapon.
Large wheels and moving walls
Slinky-like enemies
Level 1 boss
Level 2
This enemies is invincible when he's hiding in his shell.
Second level boss
Maneuvering between traps
Mind the traffic
The third boss
The shield is very helpful, but it doesn't block everything.

Neo Geo version

Title screen
Time to launch
Incoming enemies
Blasted a gun tower.
One large enemy and several smaller ones
That one contains a bonus item.
Trying to open a gate.
Game over
Got a high score.

PlayStation version

Intro scene
Main menu
Beginning the game.
I have upgraded my ship.
Shoot at that mechanism to open the door.
A powerful boos awaits you at the end of every stage.
Stage 2
That giant fish lays mines.

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen and main menu
"Configration" menu
Stage 1
First boss
Stage 2
A series of holes with lots of seaworms jumping in and out of them
Second boss is a giant crab that shoots bubbles at you
Stage 3
Oi you caterpillar thing, don't eat my pod power-up, I'm gonna need it!
Third boss is a giant moth with butterfly wings