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Advertising Blurbs
    Don't Hate Me Because I'm VIEWTIFUL!

    Joe and Silvia are back in this over-the-top sequel to 2003's Game of the Year. Viewtiful Joe 2 doubles up on the fun, offering more viewtiful style, more attitude, new VFX moves and over 40 new enemies to clobber.


    • Switch on-the-fly between Joe and Silvia
    • More than seven reels of action
    • Six variations to Joe's aircraft, the Six Machine

    All his life, Joe heard people say, "You outta be in pictures," but he couldn't imagine breaking out of movies was going to be so rough. Follow Joe and Silvia as they enter movie after movie to capture all the Oscars in this feel-good hit of the year the whole family can enjoy.

    Viewtiful Joe 2 play like one long, thrilling action movie with over-the-top special effects and a loose storyline. Like any true action star, Joe does his own death-defying stunts. Because of the game's difficulty, the word "defying" gets removed from the phrase. You'll find yourself doing the same scene over and over until you hit your cues and get it right. And that's the fun of the game. When you make it through a scene, you feel like you accomplished something. Who said acting was easy?

    The key to Joe's stardom is the VFX meter. When there's some Viewtiful juice in the tank, Joe delivers a knockout performance. Joe's VFX powers let him slow down the action frame-by-frame, blaze through enemies with mach speed or zoom in on the action for a devastating close-up. If the VFX meter runs empty, Viewtiful Joe goes from superstar action hero to regular Joe. That's no way to get a four-picture deal.

    Joe brings along a date to the sequel, his girlfriend Silvia. This fem fatale is your typical prom queen turned vigilante, blasting enemies with a pistol or delivering a powerful kick. Her range attacks perfectly complement Joe's hand-to-hand whoopin' style. She share's Joe's love for slow motion, and what woman doesn't love a close-up? She, however, possesses the power of Replay. Whether the action's at full-speed or slow-motion, she delivers either a kick or a shot relayed three times. This move is vital for figuring out some of the puzzles within Viewtiful Joe 2.

    By pressing the Z Button, you switch on-the-fly between the heroes. They share the same life and VFX meter, so you're not gaining a stamina advantage when you make the swap. When it comes to the bosses, you'll often need both characters to exploit the few weaknesses of these bosses.

    Along with "masterpiece," critics can pull out the adjectives "deep" and "difficult" to praise VJ2. The martial-arts send-up minigame, The 36 Chambers of Viewtiful, will have you pulling your hair out and have you hooked on replaying each chamber until you get it right. This stylish action game won't cheat you on gameplay and delivers some of the most creative production elements in gaming. From the lampooning of famous movies in each of the reels to the explosiveness of the VFX powers, Viewtiful Joe 2 is one game you have to see.

    Bottom Line

    Viewtiful Joe 2 can expect many awards from the academy.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66668) on Dec 09, 2004.