Vigilante Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

You are knocked out
Cure M He Lack Agoon?
The Junkyard
Two of the Junkyard Bosses
The Bridge
Downtown again
Construction Site
Name Entry

Amstrad CPC version

Introduction 1
Introduction 2
Stage 1
The player gets punched in the nuts
Killed a thug
Boss defeated
Intermission 1
Stage 2
Boss defeated
Intermission 2
Stage 3
About to be run over by a motorcycle
Boss defeated
Intermission 3
Stage 4
What is the huge yellow cover doing here?
Intermission 4
Stage 5
Boss defeated

Arcade version

Title screen
Game options
Mission introduction
Stage 1
High kick
Knife attack
Low kick
Stage final boss
Jump kick
Stage 2 junkyard
Attack from above
Club attack
Chain attack
Face demolition
Stage final bosses
Stage 3 the bridge
Biker attack
Nunchaku in action
Final boss
Stage 4 downtown
Surrounded by enemies
Dynamite man
Elevator transport
Last stage introduction
Stage 5
Attack from below
Continue screen

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen
Title screen.
Your incentive.
The dangerous streets.
Kicking ass.
End of stage boss
Stage Two is in a junkyard
Avoiding motorbikes on Stage Three
Outside Sues Downtown
Fighting on the rooftops

MSX version

Title screen
Thugs can strangle you and finish you off
That guy holds a stick. Try to get the boomerang
High kick
Finish tem off
A new buch of tugs

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
Your mission is easy, rescue the love of your life
Common thugs can hold you to allow their mates to finish you off
The boss of the first level
Level 2 - Chasing the van holding Maria in the junkyard
The ninja boss guarding the van with Maria inside
Bikers chasing you on the bridge
This fatso boss needs a good kick in the balls to be defeated
The final stage takes you to the rooftops
This suit is guarding your precious girl

TurboGrafx-16 version

Title screen
The background story
A high kick
The enemies in black are a bit harder to beat
He's trying to strangle me
The first levels boss
Game over
Fighting in the junk yard
Bike-borne enemies

ZX Spectrum version

Title Screen
The story
The story continued
You have a few different moves including the flying kick
Mono colour mode
Is this a nunchuka I see before me
A women's clothes shop
The first boss you come up against
The first boss beaten down
The second level is set in the junkyard
Here is the second boss that you have to fight
The second boss didn't put up much of a fight
On level 3 the thugs use motor bikes to try and take you down
The third boss appears with a weird leg
Game over

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  • Vigilante Screenshot
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  • Vigilante Screenshot
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  • Vigilante Screenshot
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  • Vigilante Screenshot
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  • Vigilante Screenshot
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