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Virtua Cop 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Stage selection
Mission introduction screen
Beginner mode
Shoot bad guy
Now, I'm injured

SEGA Saturn version

Stage Select
File Screen
Getting Shot at in stage 1
Helicopter in stage 2
Facing off with a series of guys in the subway on stage 3
3 Point Shot is dangerous

Windows version

Loading screen
Main menu
Stage select
he shot me
shootout at the bank
shootout at the bank 2
a ship
shoot them
aerial enemies
stairs make good hiding places
in the subway
on a train
on top of a train
back in the train
stats for the scenario
train to train shooting
Game over man, game over
I'm #8
heroic cop.
Full magazine.
o, helicopter. I have big problem.
Blue shoot?
See him? Easy shoot.
enemy come out beh column. Big mistake.
"shooting gallery"
jump like a max payne.
My feet!
"you aren't Rambo - die"
enemy hit me - I see broken glass.
New enemies - commandos.
Don't shoot!
Continue? 5...4...3..
Justice shoot.
it's player! get him!