Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution Screenshots

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
The game offers an arcade mode, quest mode, and a full-fledged training mode.
Here's one of the newcomers to the series: Goh Hinogami.
You can see some dramatic camera angles before each match.
Vanessa gets ready for the fight!
Every fighter goes through their own intro and pose before each fight begins.
The player can perform combos that can have high, medium or low attacks.
Akira claims victory over his opponent!
Wolf sets Akira up for a world of pain.
All stages have environmental effects which can distract you in a fight.
There's also a tutorial mode which teaches you beginner and advanced fighting moves.
As a bonus, you get Virtua Fighter 10th Anniversary, a retooled version of the very first game.
All the characters in the normal game are just as they were in the original - and the new ones got a makeover, too!
Here's Vanessa punching Jacky in the face.
Pai can't handle Akira's barrage of attacks.
Quest Mode, in a nutshell
You have to travel all over the city to find new places to fight.
In Quest Mode, you can see your stats, as well as your opponents, before the fight begins.